Searching the Friends of Devon's Archives Tithe Apportionments Project Database

Two methods of searching the database are available:

Will return a list of all owners, lessees and occupiers with that name along with the holding and acreage.

Wildcard characters are not supported so a search for Sm*th will return no matches.  The Boolean operater OR should be used in this case i.e. Smith OR Smyth, this is not case sensitive.

To narrow the search to a specific name double qoutes ("") can be used.  i.e. "Rolle Lord"  This will only return those records in which Rolle is followed immediately by Lord

The Boolean character AND will return only the records which contain all the search terms used i.e. Rolle AND Late will only return those records relating to the late Lord Rolle whereas Rolle AND Lord will return ALL the records in which the name Lord Rolle appears.

Results on this page can be sorted by clicking on the column headers

Name Search

Will return all holdings within the specified parish along with the respective owners, leessees and occupiers.

To search for a parish select from the drop down list or type in the name of the parish then click on Search

Parish Search

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