Eighteenth Century Devon: Credits and Acknowledgements

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Project coordinator: Ian Mortimer visit Ian's website
Research officer: Simon Dixon find out what Simon's doing now
Steering committee: Ian Mortimer, John Draisey and Margery Rowe
Website editor: Simon Dixon

Acknowledgements: Simon Dixon would like to thank the following for their advice and assistance during the preparation of editions of the oath rolls, visitation returns and freeholders books: Margery Rowe, John Draisey and all staff at the Devon Heritage Centre, Todd Gray, Mark Knights, Jonathan Barry, Ted Vallance, Doug Hay, James Lee and Paul Luscombe. Ian Mortimer provided constant support, encouragement and advice and read and commented on earlier drafts of all document introductions. Thanks are also due to the many members of local history societies who attended talks about the project, shared knowledge of their local areas and provided hospitality throughout the two years. The contribution of volunteer researchers has considerably enhanced the project, and the Friends of Devon's Archives are grateful to all whose work appears elsewhere on this website for their unstinting enthusiasm in uncovering Devon's eighteenth century past. During the final weeks of the project a number of technical problems with the website were resolved thanks to the generous assistance of Andrew Peel. The site was tested for errors and broken links by Roger Keys and Diana Lewis of the Devon Family History Society, and members of the Devon-L mailing list.

The project would not have been possible without the financial support of the Heritage Lottery Fund's Your Heritage programme. Further material support was provided by Devon County Council through the provision of office accomodation, resources, and privileged access to archival material at the Devon Heritage Centre. The project also benefitted from Simon Dixon's appointment as an Honorary University Fellow by the University of Exeter throughout the two years, providing access to the university library and electronic resources.

The Friends of Devon's Archives Eighteenth Century Devon: People and Communities project ran from July 2005 until June 2007.