Some notes about Drewsteignton during the Eighteenth Century

By Paul Greener

Appendix: Drewsteignton Oath-takers, 1723

SurnameForenameLiteracyAbodeAgeRemarks   CW=churchwarden, O= overseer
AlfordKatherineX  wife of William Alford. Bore son John in 1703
AlfordMarkA  No record in baptisms
AlfordWilmotA  No record in baptisms
ArscottJohnJ  Born 1680?
BallAnnesigned  Wife of Thomas Ball?
BattishillMargaretMTorhill? Wife of William (12), children in 1707 1712
BattishillThomassignedMartin83?"Gent" "Mr" Thomas B., O for Martin, 1728 & Drascombe 1693. 4 children 1667-75
BattishillThomasinB 54daughter of Mr Thomas(10)
BattishillWilliamsigned 56son of Mr Thomas (10) O for Mill 1730
BerryWilliamB  An incomer? 2 children 1717 & 1719
BodyRobertsigned  An incomer?
BraggAnneA  wife of William Bragg (19)
BraggElizabethB  wife of William Bragg jnr (20)
BraggJamessigned 24son of William & Rose
BraggJaneB  wife of James Bragg (17)
BraggWilliamsigned  50?cw 1700. Son of William & Joane?
BraggWilliam jnrsignedNewton?25son of William & Rose. O of Newton
BrockJohnsignedNattonhole45CW 1709. Family seat in church 1680. O for Kingdom's ten'mt 1722
BrockJoanBNattonhole wife of John Brock(21) 9 children 1700-18.
BrowningJamessigned 29son of John Browning who was CW 1695
BrowningJohnsigned 42/43son of John Browning who was CW 1695
BrowningThomasblank  No record in baptisms
BrowningRobertR 54son of Richard & Joan Browning
BrowningWilliamW 51/52had been illiterate CW in 1695? 2 children 1702 &1709
CannAlexanderXUnderd'n had been illiterate CW 1697. O for West Underdown 1730. 11 children 1684-1705
CannJoanJ 38daughter of Alexander (28) & Elizabeth
CannJohnsigned 39eldest son of lexander (28) & Elizabeth
CheeseworthJosephC  Incomer? 3 children 1715 -19. Wife Miriam
ClarkWilliamW 22alias "Bremblcombe" family. Some were paupers
CollihallThomassignedCrayford Constable. O for Creyford in 1724
CollihallRichardC  a John Collihall was O for Wear Mill in 1727
DickerJohnJ  CW in 1711?
EllisArthurE  No record. No Ellis's in baptismal register
EndacottAlexanderX 22son of Alexander & Mary Endacott alias Yendacott
FloudWilliamsigned 32/37William & Ann or Henry & Mary. CW in 1755
FludJohnJ 50?could be son of William & Amye
GlanvilPeterP  James Glanvil was O for Lower Parford in 1724
GorwinMaryG  second wife of Richard Gorwin (42) bore a son in 1719
GorwinRichardsigned 57?CW in 1721
GorwynRichardsigned  there is only one baptism for a "Richard Gorwin" ... 1666.
GorwingElizabethG  no record
GorwellJohnblank  not signed or marked. CW in 1744?
GorwingJohnX 27son of Richard (42) & Thomasine
GostwyckSamuelGWallon40son of literate but drunken CW. Had been CW himself in 1714.
GrendonJohnsigned  local family but not baptised in parish. 3 children with wife Joan 1715-19
GrindonMarksigned  Local family but not baptised in the parish
HarrisStephenX 47?son of Stephen & Joane?
HatherleyWilliamsignedVenton?39?related to Alexander Hatherley O for Venton 1723?
HillWilliamH  large local family . One was O for Wisedom in 1722
LaskeyJonathanL  35/45large local family
MilfordRichardXHr. Parford38CW in 1738. Higher parford for family in 1680 church seating plan
MortimerPrudenceP  second wife of Sampson (56) Mortimer
MortimerSampsonSBowden O for Bowden in 1720. Had 10 children with first wife Elizabeth 1665- 1684
NorrisWilliamN  No record but there are 3 other Norris's in the parish
OliverAnneO  wife of John (59) Oliver
OliverJohnO  an incomer? One son in 1705
OliverLawrenceO  an incomer? 2 children 1701 &1703
PagePhilippaP  Andrew Page had been CW in 1690 and was O for Veet in 1698
PittsElizabethE  wife of John Pitts (63) . Had 5 children 1708-1719
PittsJohnsigned  CW 1710. Leased quarry and was O for it in 1729
PittsJohn jnrsigned  son of (63)
PonsfordFrancisP  not in baptismal register
PonsfordJohnsigned  could be any of Blackaller, Crockernwell, Drewston,Netherton or Upperton
PonsfordJohnsigned  could be any of Blackaller, Crockernwell, Drewston,Netherton or Upperton
PonsfordMaryP  widow. Mother of William (70) ponsford of Ford
PonsfordMaryP  wife of Mr William (70) Ponsford
PonsfordThomassigned  O for Higher Budbrook 1726 & Honeyford 1730
PonsfordMr WilliamsignedFord CW 1718
PonsfordWilliam jnrsigned  could be any of Drewston, Harepath, Puddicombe or Underdown
PonsfordWilliamsigned  could be any of Drewston, Harepath, Puddicombe or Underdown
PonsfordWilliamsigned  could be any of Drewston, Harepath, Puddicombe or Underdown
ReynellDr ThomassignedRectory Revd Dr. Thomas Reynell, Rector
RoweFrancisR 43baptised 1680
SeagarJoanX  no record
SeawardWilliamS  CW in 1709
SmaleElizabethS  wife of James (77) Smale 4 children 1715-16
SmaleJamessignedGreystone48O for Greystone 1731
SmaleJohnsigned  CW 1729
SmaleJohnX  could be son of John or Robert
SmaleJohnblank  could be son of John or Robert
SnellElizabethS  wife of John (83) Snell? Or possibly half sister?
SnellJohnJ  5 children 1693 - 1704
SouthwardWilliamW  Another Seaward? Was he CW in 1729 see (79)
StonemanGeorgeS 38?leased cottages from the feoffees
WillcoxAnneW  no record
WilliamsRichardW 23? 
WillsWilliamsigned  CW 1715 not baptised in parish, 6 children
???Luke????????An incomer? No forename Lukes in baptismal register

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