Notes on Broadwoodwidger Oath-Takers, 1723

By Pat Williams

The following notes on Broadwoodwidger oath-takers were compiled by Mrs. Pat Williams from parish registers and other records.

BICKELL, Launcelot: Married Margaret (christened Mary 17 Mar. 1723).

BICKEL, Edward: Married Mary from Bratton Clovelly. Christened Edward 3 July 1700.

BICKLE, John: Christened John 23 July 1688.

BRIDGMAN, William: Married Jona. Children's christenings: Mary 28 May 1699; Elizabeth 7 May 1710; Sarah 29 May 1711; Grace 15 Mar. 1717.

COCK, John: Married Grace. Children's christenings: John 10 Oct. 1716; Elizabeth 27 May 1719. Named in freeholders book, 1721.

COCKE, Degory: Married Jona. Children's christenings: Jona 27 Dec. 1718; Digory 21 Mar. 1720.

COURTIS (COURTICE), Oliver: Married Mary, christening Mary 17 Feb. 1714. Named in freeholders' book, 1721, 1674 family paid hearth tax on 4 hearths.

CROKER, Abel: Named in freeholders book, 1733.

CROKER (CROCKER), John: Named in freeholders book, 1733, yeoman. 1674 family paid hearth tax on 2 hearths.

CROKER, Richard: Named in freeholders book, 1733, yeoman.

ESCOTT (EASTCOTT), Thomas: Married Martha. Children's christenings: Thomas 30 May 1716; Grace 14 Mar. 1713; Ann 8 July 1719. Named in freeholders book 1733, yeoman and 1741, yeoman.

ESTCOTT, Richard: Children's christenings: Degory 16 Apr. 1712; Richard 26 Nov. 1706; Thomas 13 Feb. 1708.

EASTCOTT, William: William, son of Richard and Charity christened 26 Nov. 1706. [N.B. This would make William 16 at the time of swearing on 31 Oct. 1723, and therefore not legally required to do so.]

GREGORY (GRIGORY), John: Married Jane. Children's christenings John 30 July 1722; Gregory 4 Feb. 1719.

HARVEY, Roger: Married Bethsheba. Children's christenings: Dorothy 14 Feb. 1710; James 11 Aug. 1719; William 2 July 1722.

HENWOOD, (HARWOOD), Alexander: Married Grace. Children's christenings: Rebecca 24 Mar. 1723; Alexander 16 May 1721. Named in freeholders book, 1733.

HOCKADAY, (HOCKADY), Robert: 1674 a Robert paid hearth tax on 2 hearths.

KNIGHT, (KNIT), William: Married Mary Secombe 1 Jan. 1733.

LUXMORE, (LUXMOORE), John: Gentleman. Named in freeholders book, 1711, 1721 and 1733.

LUXMORE, Mary: Wife of John (above). No further information found.

MARTIN, Henry: Married Mary. Children's christenings: John 2 Mar. 1718; Mary 5 Mar. 1721. 1674 hearth tax a James Martin paid tax on 7 hearths, and William paid tax on 2 hearths, possibly related.

PALMER, Wilmot: 1674 hearth tax paid by Palmer family: Thomas 3 hearths, Nicholas 3 hearths, Erasmus 2 hearths, Robert 4 hearths, Grace 2 hearths, Mary 1 hearth, Richard pauper 1 hearth, possibly all related to Wilmot.

PENGELLY, Thomas: 1674 a William Pengelly paid tax on 1 hearth.

RICKARD, Francis: Freeholders book, 1733 yeoman.

ROW, William: Married Mary Trimble 11 May 1707 at Ashwater. Freeholders book, 1733 yeoman, 1741, 1751 (William Row senior).

RYALL, Richard: Married Prudence. Children's christenings, Hannah 21 Feb. 1716; Roger 12 May 1717; Richard 1 Jan. 1718; Mary 7 Dec. 1720; Jono 1 May 1723.

SECOMB. (SECCOMBE), Richard: Freeholders book, 1733, yeoman. Churchwarden of this name in 1766, possibly Richard jun who presented a silver flagon to the church on 9 June 1794. 1674 hearth tax a Richard paid tax on 2 hearths.

SECOMB (SECCOMBE), Roger: Freeholders books, 1711, 1721, 1733, yeoman.

SLEMAN, (SLEEMAN), John: Married Minisfaid. Children's christening: Mary 21 Jan. 1716.

SOPER, John: Married Mary. Christening of John, 15 Apr. 1701 at Ashwater. 1674 John Soper pauper had 1 hearth, possible relative.

STONEMAN, Josias: Named in freeholders book, 1721.

TURNER, Richard: Married Prudence Calacott, 20 June 1704. Christening Mary 17 March 1714.

WEEKS, John: Freeholders book, 1733, yeoman.

The following people appear on the 1723 oath rolls, but no further information could be found on them in the parish records:



COOMBE, Degory

COURTICE, Elizabeth





HARVEY, Elizabeth

HARVEY, Richard



MASON, Grace

MEZONT, William

MILL, John

MILLS, James





SKERVY, Charity


SOPER, Charles

SOPER, Edward

SOWTON, Samuel

SPRY, Peter

SYMONS, Digory

WILLS, Samuel

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