Notes on St. Giles in the Heath Oath-Takers, 1723

By Pat Williams

The following notes on St. Giles in the Heath oath-takers were compiled by Mrs. Pat Williams from parish registers and other records. Parish records are held at the Cornwall Record Office.

BAZELEY, Thomas: Only reference is hearth tax 1674 'Thomas Bazeley paid tax on 1 hearth'.

COURTICE, Benedick: Married Margaret Warren, 4 July 1698. Hearth tax gives Roger Courtice as a pauper with one hearth and another with three hearths but no christian name, John Courtice mentioned in Sitcott Papers. All these are possible relatives.

HORRELL, John: Died 1726, reference in Sitcott Papers. Married Abigail Turner 3 Jun. 1723, possibly wife of nephew John

HUTCH, John: Christened 21 October 1684. Mother Elizabeth. Married Ann May 24 Sept 1702.

LAVERS, Henry: Married Elizabeth. Their son Henry christened 17 May 1730. Churchwarden accounts, 1740, H. Lavers is 'mentioned quoting the Parish of St. Giles regarding monies £1.22, and £3.23.' No further information.

MARTIN, James: Married 2 June 1691 to Mary Sargeant. Possibly relatives of John Martin, and Sargent both mentioned in Sitcott Papers.

MARTYN, William: Nothing found except perhaps relative to Martyn mentioned in Sitcott Papers.

MAY, Joane: Only information found is a Joan May married Marmaduke Spettigue 19 Dec. 1726.

MILL, John: Only information found is an Edward Mill as churchwarden in 1793, and a John Mill married Jane Secombe 5 Sept. 1768.

NORKETT, Valentine: Married Mary Bartlett 12 May 1713 at Halwill, their son Valentine christened 2 June 1728.

PALMER, Jonathon: Married Elizabeth Hoare 14 Feb. 1703 at Werrington, their son Jonathon christened 23 Feb. 1713. Hearth tax list 1674 a John Palmer paid tax on four hearths, perhaps related.

PALMER, Mary nee Radigon?: Married Richard 12 May 1683, Mary 'first known child of Richard 26 Nov. 1684.

SHAPLEY, Joseph: Hearth tax list 1674 John Palmer paid tax on 4 hearths, possibly related.

SPETTIGUE, Richard: Married Jenefer Venner 6 July 1779. Only information freeholders book, 1741 Richard Spettigue. 1779 Minister is John Spettigue, perhaps related.

TURNER Joan: Nee Johan Fillis. Married William Turner 23 May 1676.

VENNER, John: Married Mary Prower 23 June 1712. Possibly his parents were John sen and Elizabeth Arthur, married 16 October 1678.

The following people appear on the 1723 oath rolls, but no further information could be found on them in the parish records:


SMITH, Sarah: widow


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