Z1/43/2/4 Blackawton, Coleridge Hundred

September ye 7th 1715 Hon[ou]r[e]d S[i]rs These are to certifie your Honours that this is a list of all those to goe to horse; and also of all the fifties w[i]thin our said p[ar]ish as followeth

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Impr[im]is Nicholas Roope Esqr100    Horse
William Cholwich Esqr075    Horse
Mr Cornelius Hyne075    Horse
Mrs Joan Smyls050    Horse
Mr Richard Short050    Horse
Here follows the fifties     
Mr William Sparke50    Fifties
Mr Peter Jellard33    Fifties
John Perring10    
William Prowse03    
Mr William Elliottfor Milcomb04    
Mr John Adamsof Preston29    Fifties
George Gurner20    
James Goodrigefor ye meadow01    
Richard Perring30    Fifties
Joseph Courtez08    
John Shipherd05    
Robert Hayes01    
Thomas Bedlake03    
Mary Tucker widdow03    
Mr Robert Pinhey29    Fifties
Nicholas Hingston &    
Edward Colton11    
Richard Peeke10    
Mr John Pinhey16    Fifties
James Goodrige07    
John Tuckerof Hansell09    
The occupiers of Waterslades 08    
Richard Tuckermanof Longstone05    
Joan Hingstone widdow05    
John Fordfor Westry10    Fifties
Mr John Creed06    
Mr John Crockerfor Mrs Foxworthyes06    
Mary Clarke08    
Elias Tucker [&]    
Willmete Tucker &    
John Kingstone10    
John Ford [&]    
Richard Follett &    
Richard Pearce10    
Robert Pearce10    Fifties
Elias Tuckerof Bowe01    
William Hingstone09    
Granfill Smythfor Oldstone & East Hartley12    
Mrs Mary Baddaford15    
John Elliott Junr02    
John Tuckerfor Sullocks01    
Mr Peter Ryder20    Fifties
Elizabeth Jellard20    
Thomas Peekeof Hallwell05    
John Perringfor p[ar]t of Noseworthys05    
Nicholas Hyne19    Fifties
Richard Pinhey11    
Agness Peeke &    
Mary Perring08    
Nicholas Campe03    
Richard Adams04    
Roger Tucker &    
Dorothy Tuckerman02    
Mr William Elliottfor Furspringes03    
[entry deleted]    
Mr William Creed26    Fifties
Richard Pearce09    
The Feoffees of Dartmouth p[er] Foard 10    
Jane Jellard03    
Mr Peter Creed02    
Mr Robert Hunt21    Fifties
Mrs Julian Cholwich15    
Richard Tuckermanp[er] Burlson10    
John Andrews04    
John Oldreive Sen20    Fifties
Lewis Oldreivefor Jno Dinings10    
John Oldreive Jun02    
Sam[uel] Hyne01    
John Martin Sen08    
Mrs Margt Roope 08    
Joan Hining01    
John Madduck15    Fifties
Richard Madduck23    
Richard Madduckor the occupiers for Burlson06    
John Tuckerof Widewell05    
The feoffees of Stoakfleming 01    
Phillip Tucker19    Fifties
Nicholas Andrews01    
John Osborne10    
Mrs Joan Creed & her sisters10    
Exec[utor]s of Mr Arthur Baddaford5    
Honor Sparke03    
Mary Peeke &    
Rebecca Peeke02    
John Tuckerman23    Fifties
Richard Tuckermanof Coom[b]15    
Nicholas Tucker11    
William Chinfor Sullocks01    ? = Ching
Mr Georg Knowlling18    Fifties
Mr William Sparke26    
John Wadland04    
Sophia Peeke &    
Dorothy Peeke01    
Nicholas Downing01    
John Perringfor Ann Hynes & John Fords18    Fifties
William Chinfor ye Mills04    
John Berry05    
Mr John Adams [&]    
R[ichar]d Bartlett &    
William Bartlett05    
Mary Clarkefor Hynes03    
Michaell Pearce15    
William Hingston    Constables
Phillip Tucker    Constables
Richard Pinhey    [witness]
John Wadland    [witness]
Richard Hyne    [witness]
And as for such arms and accoutraments: wee have none within our said p[ar]ish fitt to serve as witness our hands

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]