Z1/43/2/2 Ashprington, Coleridge Hundred

September the 7th 1715. A rate made by the Constables of the parish aforesaid for the settlement of the militia within the parish aforesaid according to the Act of Parliament in that cause made and proveided

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s d)    
George Parker Esqr47-00-00    Tinners estates
John Edmonds15-00-00    Tinners estates
The heires of John Kellond Esqr99-00-00    Horse
Madam Joan Yard77-00-00    Horse
John Barrisford Gentl08-00-00    Horse
Nicholas Triste Esqr36-10-00    Horse
Mr William Marshall Rector50-00-00    Footsouldiers
Mr William Kitson16-00-00    Footsouldiers
Mr [no forename] Marshall for    
Mr George Fords27-00-00    
Thomas Hilly04-00-00    
Mr [no forename] Shorttfor Torcombe03-00-00    
Mr Symon Brooking Gentl26-10-00    Footsouldiers
The heires of John Galpin13-10-00    
John Edmondsof Churston03-00-00    
William Lauerss07-00-00    
Mr Samuell Perrott Junr50-00-00    Footsouldiers
Mr Nicholas Gill34-00-00    
John Butland09-00-00    
Stephin Edmonds01-00-00    
John Martin [&] Susanna p[er]    
John Martin Junr06-00-00    
Mr Richard Fosse23-00-00    Footsouldiers
Robert Perring12-10-00    
John Lee Junr02-10-00    
John Lee Senr06-00-00    
Susanna Hilly04-00-00    
Washperton Mills 02-00-00    
Mr William Disting21-00-00    Footsouldiers
Samuell Perott Senr14-00-00    
Edward Robins13-00-00    
Roger Adames02-00-00    
Mr Thomas Perrott17-10-00    Footsouldiers
James Perrott15-10-00    
Francis Deuer and    
John Deuer02-10-00    
John Woollcott11-10-00    
John Harleigh01-00-00    
John Lee and    
William Markes02-00-00    
Mr John Edmondsof Yetston19-00-00    Footsouldiers
John Bidlake11-00-00    
William Boisden09-00-00    
The occupiers of Bow Mills the Great Wood & the Ham11-00-00    
Mr Samuell Perrott Junr10-00-00    Footsouldiers
Peter Symons06-10-00    
William Winsor    Con[sta]bles
William Lauers    Con[sta]bles
Tiners Estates62 - 0-0    ['Ashprington 9 men' on back]
The Horse is 220-10-0    
The Foot is466-10-0    
The Sum Totall is749 - 0-0    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]