Z1/43/2/1 Charleton, Coleridge Hundred

An estamation and vallew of footsoldiers and armes raised in ye parish of Charelton. Vallewed and apprised by those whose names are hereunder subscribed 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Francis Langworthy Rect[o]r50-00    footsoldier
Benjamin Bastard48-00    footsoldier
Robert Pearse02-00    
Nathll Smith27-10    footsoldier
William Wakeham09-15    
Symon Sumpter09-15    
William Bound02-00    
John Browne01-00    
John Ford38-5    footsoldier
John Steere04-10    
William Hore04-0    
John Randell03-5    
William Pearsefor South Sid12-5    footsoldier
more for North Sid Estate11-5    
Mary Wanell09-15    
Edward Janes09-15    
Mary Linis05-00    
Nich Blanke02-00    
John Helmer16-5    footsoldier
Samuell Cornish09-5    
John Knowling13-15    
Joseph Hill08-15    
John Huett02-00    
Richard Winchelsey13-15    footsoldier
Nich Blanke &    
Nell Wannell09-15    
Stephen Bastard04-00    
Sampson Stone03-05    
Andrew Pearse03 5    
Honour Torring03-5    
Harculas Jillard04-0    
John Bound01-10    
Mosses StoneSte [?] &    
Benjamin Bastard07 5    
The occupiers of Roger HurrellsEst[ate]46-10    
Mr [no forename] Entie03-10    
Nicholas Luscombe11-15    footsoldier
Thomas Ryder gent09-15    
Thomas Steelle09-15    
Rich Bickford07-15    
John Luscombe04-10    
John Adamsfor Harradons Estat[e]04-10    
more for Smithy feild02-0    
Stephen Collings11-5    footsoldier
Thomas Cleife09-15    
more for part of Harrodon Est[ate]06-10    
Alexander Harrodonor ye occupier07-15    
William Perrott Esqr09-15    
John Elliott05-00    
Thomas Toope07-00    footsoldier
Thomas Toope &    
John Elliott09-5    
John Scoble &    
John Adams09-15    
John Scoble gent07-10    
Mrs Mary Lapthorne09-10    
John Elliottfor Mr Hewet07-00    
Mr [no forename] Sandford 11-5    footsoldier
John Yabbor ye occupiers09-15    
William Gould09-00    
Petter Ryder gent &    
wido[w] [no forename] Halse07-00    
more Petter Ryderfor foll feild02-0    
John Avantor ye occupiers08-10    
Thomas Stone02-10    
So much as concerns ye forriners £    
George Parker Esqr28    horse
Edmund Fortescue Esqr54    horse
Edmund Rynell Esqr02    horse
Edmund Southcott Esqr20    horse
The occupiers of Roger Hale [?] Esqr50    horse[surname altered: it may be Halse]
John Luke gent60    horse
Petter Ryder gent41    tiners
Thomas Toope12    tiners
John Luke    [status unclear]
John Ford    [status unclear]
John Helmer    [status unclear]
Edward Janes    [status unclear]
Nicho Blanke    [status unclear]
Will Winshelsy    [status unclear]
Joseph Hill    [status unclear]
William Pearse    constables
Tho Steele    constables

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]