Z1/43/2/6 Cornworthy Coleridge Hundred

A list of ye severall persons names w[i]th ye vallue of their estates p[e]r annum as are chargeable to horse in ye Commission & foott arms return[e]d to y[ou]r Hon[ora]ble Deputy Leiutenants at Tottness ye 20th of October 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s d)    
George Chudley Esqrfor ye Sheife90    Horse
The Heirs of Mr [no forename] Kellond 48    Horse
Mr [no forename] Newton11.16.8½    Foot arms
The Occupiers of Mr [no forename] Scobles11.02.3    
Giles Newton7.15.7    
Widdow [no forename] Woody1.16.8    
Richard Perrin4.08.11    
Stephen Woodeford4.08.11    
Wm Reynolds6.13.4    
Peter Pridham01.02.3    
[no forename] Tarror Occupier01.02.3    
John Peeke13.06.8    Foot arms
The occupiers of Woolcomb 14.08.11    
The occupiers of Mr [no forename] Effords estate18.06.08    
John Laversor Occupiers04.08.11    
Wm Efford34.19.04½    Foot arms
John Lyscombe15.11.010    [the amount has been changed from '15.11.01½'; in either case, it does not total £50]
Tho Waymouth35.10.01½    
The occupiers of Heaths 08.06.08    
Anne Down05.00.00    
George Hurle01.13.04    [This Groups' total is £50.10.01½]
Tho Trist25.11.01½    Foot arms
Chris Narracott21.02.03    
John Butland03.06.08    
Hellen Fullfor p[ar]t of wood00.11.01½    
The occupiers of Mrs [no forename] Pendares estate21.18.11    Foot arms
Mr [no forename] Minard or occupier15.11.01    
James Waymouth03.01.01½    
John Edmunds06.13.04    
George Penney02.04.05½    
Ame Collaford01.02.03    ['Ame' may be a scribal error for 'Anne']
Joan Holditch26.02.03    Foot arms
Robt Pinhey11.02.03    
Josias Hyne06.02.03    
Richard Efford05.00.00    
John Putt01.18.11    [name next to erasure; amount altered]
Mr [no forename] Nasson35.00.00    Foot arms
The occupiers of Richards Estate 13.06.08    
John Berrey01.18.11    
Eliz Trist31.18.11    Foot arms[amount altered]
Ambrose Trist16.13.04    [amount altered]
Bennett Tarr00.11.01    
William Chin01.02.3    
The occupiers of ye Farme court 50.00.00    
John Parrott16.03.04    Foot arms
Wm Berrey03.06.08    
Widdow [no forename] Efford05.00.00    
Anne Collaford02.17.07    
Woolsons Estate 00.11.01    
Robt Parrot02.17.07    
Mr [no forename] Boones estate03.09.7    
John Peeke    Constables
James Soper    Constables
Chris Narracott    [witness]
Nicholas Holditch    [witness]
Thomas Trist    [witness]
Will[ia]m Efford    [witness]
Tho Waymouth    [witness][endorsed on back 'Cornworthy 10 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]