Z1/43/2/9 Dodbrooke, Coleridge Hundred

Sepr the 6th 1715 an acco[un]t of those estates in the said parish that furnish out four foot men to the militia

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s d)    
The Reverd Mr Jno Sherston Rec[to]r8-0-0    footmen
Tho Brockadon6-13-4    
Edwd Anger11-6-8    
Agnes & Mary Michell8-10-0    
Mrs Jane Gale1-0-0    
Jos Wakeham2-0-0    
Phil King2-6-8    
Alice Babany1-6-8    
Wm Vinsent Senr0-13-4    
Honr Brockaden0-13-4    
Nick Lampen1-0-0    
Rd Coker4-6-8    
Nich Blight1-6-8    
Arth[u]r Roope0-16-8    
Mr Har Brudenell26-0-0    footmen
Steph Northleigh Esqrfor the Warren8-0-0    
Bridg[e]t Merrigame1-6-8    
Mr John Slute0-13-4    [interlined]
Ja Davis1-0-0    
Ste Wadland1-0-0    
Edmd Fortescue Esqr2-0-0    
Jer Smith0-13-4    
Wm Perrott Esqr0-13-4    
Ja Roope7-00-0    
Rogr Rogers1-13-4    
Mr Tho Gillard16-0-0    footmen
The occapiers of Mr [no forename ] Mannings estate15-0-0    
Ste Northleigh Esqrfor Court10-0-0    
The same for the Market House4-0-0    
Jno Davis0-13-4    
Rd Deare0-13-4    
Rob White1-0-0    [interlined]
Thos Willing0-13-4    
Jno Hooper0-10-0    
Tho Mead1-0-0    
Rt Pearce0-6-8    
And Yeo1-3-4    
Mr Rich Hawkings13-10-0    footmen
Jn Bartlett1-6-8    
Wm Browne2-0-0    
Rd Milman3-0-0    
Phil Wills1-6-8    
Mr Tho Gillardfor Stones Tenam[en]t1-0-0    
Geo Prisson1-10-0    
Wm Rule0-10-0    
Robt Whitefor the Slat Mill feild0-13-4    
Nick Hyne0-13-4    
Tho Sumpter &    
Jno Chubb0-10-0    
Mr Wm Woolcott5-0-0    
Mrs Mary Stidson4-13-4    
James Baker1-6-8    
Tho Hoyles0-13-4    
Tho Hoylesfor Whites Tenmt1-10-0    
Tho Crammer0-13-4    [named indented]
Eliz Manning1-10-0    [named indented]
Reve[en]rd Mr [no forename] Cooksley0-13-4    
Wm Vinsentfor the Bakehouse0-10-0    
Jno Stidson0-10-0    
Edwd Gilbert1-0-0    
Rd Eales4-6-8    
Tho Stone0-13-4    
The Salt Mill 0-10-0    
Geo Lynn0-10-0    
We some of the chiefe parishoners of the aforesaid parish of Dodbrook do consent in and agree to this account
J Brudenell    Parishioners
Tho Gillard    Parishioners
Richd Hawkins    Parishioners
[Total][200-00-00]    [endorsed on back 'Dodbrooke 4 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]