Z1/43/2/11 Halwell, Coleridge Hundred

Septemb[er] the 6th 1715 A yearly value of the p[ar]ish afores[ai]d towards ye better settlem[en]t of horse & foot sould[ie]rs to bee of the standing militia of this County charged according to severall Acts of Parliament in that behalfe made and provided &c

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s d)    
William Hellier Esqr50-00-00    one armes
Thomas Parker Gentfor Abbotsleigh28-11-05    one armes
Richard Peeke14-5-8    
Occupiers of Ford Mills 7-2-11    
Thomas Parker Gentfor Pasture28-11-5    one armes
Roger Tuckerfor Ritston & Farmestone14-5-8    
The Exe[cutor]s of [no forename] Maddick &    
[no forename] Parnell7-2-11    
The Occupiers of Gripston 38-16-6    one armes
Thomas Hingston &    
[no forename] Baker1-14-6    
Peter Rider1-3-1    
Walter Perring1-3-1    
Occup[ie]rs of Sanders Bourston7-2-10    [=Boreston (place-name)]
Mr [no forename] Knowling or Occ[r] of Larkcombe28-11-5    one armes
Lewis Tuckerfor Abbotsleigh14-5-8    
Anthony Newland5-18-2    
The Ex[ecuto]rs of Richard Hyne1-4-9    
Occupiers of Soccumbe last Masey28-11-5    one armes
The Ex[ecuto]rs of Richard Perring10-15-0    
The Ex[ecuto]rs of John Distain7-8-0    
Peter Jellard Senr3-5-7    
John Sherston Gentor Occ Washburn28-11-5    one armes
Richard Kelley14-5-8    
John Hyneor Occ of his Hollodown7-2-11    
The Viccar Mr [no forename] Jago14-5-8    one armes
William Bastard14-5-8    
Occup[ier]s of Farmeston 14-5-8    
John Downing7-3-0    
Edward Evans28-11-5    one armes
John Rider7-2-11    
Andrew Downing &    
William Downing7-2-10    
Richard Follet7-2-10    
Nicholas Jackson14-05-8    one armes
Peter Jillard Jun14-05-8    
The Execs of Edward Newland11-10-9    
Mary Brownep[ar]t of Bickley9-17-11    
Mrs Anne Furlong14-05-8    one armes
Execs of Thomas Hyne for Ritston & Farmston14-05-8    
Robert Penneyfor Rowdowne06-11-10    
Robert Penneyfor Blackdowne06-11-10    
Execs of Mr [no forename] Pope for Rowdowne06-11-10    
Peter Knowlingfor his p[ar]t of Lees01-5-08    
Mary Brownep[ar]t of Bickley00-7-06    
The Occupiers of Wadlands Collaton 14-05-8    one armes
Occupiers of Huxhams 7-02-10    
Jacob Peeke7-02-10    
Execs of Wm Choldwitsh7-02-10    
Execs of John Edmonds7-02-10    
The same for Symons land 0-11-00    
Mo[the]r [?] of Mary Brownethe rest of Bickley0-08-10    
The p[ar]ish[i]o[ne]rs land 3-13-08    
Mr [no forename] Rooke2-9-6    
Nicholas Friend35-14-4    Tinners
Richard Kelley14-5-8    Tinners
George Parker Esqr    Horse[no amount shown
Valentyne Pomeroy Esqr    Horse[no amount shown]
Samuell Cooke Esqr    Horse[no amount shown]
Wm Choldwitch Esqr    Horse[no amount shown]
Wm Bastard    Con[sta]bles
Robert Penney    Con[sta]bles[endorsed on opposite page 'Halwell 12 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]