Z1/43/2/12 Harberton, Coleridge Hundred

Septem[ber] 26 1715. An assessment for ye malicia according to ye proportion in ye last settlem[en]t made excepting those who are exempted from contributing to foot & those who now contribute to horse as alsoe ye names of such p[er]sons as have been charged to ye foot arms & ye value of their estates on ye s[ai]d p[ar]ish by fifties according to severall acts of parliam[en]t as followeth

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Imp[rimis] George Jagoe Vicar44    50
The Occ of Winsland 6    
Richard Norrise Gent50    50
More Rich Norise34    50
Robert Watson6    
The Occ of William Giest5    
The Occ of Nich Bowheys5    
Mr John Richards22    50[written over erasure]
Mr Thomas Shillabeer13    
The Occ of Chings Mills 05    
The Occ of Jon Neeldstenem[en]t03    [there is an abbreviation mark over 'Jon']
Nathaniell Symonsfor yt he liveth in07    
The Occ of Mr [no forename] Abraham'sCholwell30    50
Jon Knowling11    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
William Dad02    
The Occs of Tockersfork 07    
Thomas Wyse Gent40    50
The Occ of Richard MaddocksEstate10    
The Occ of Edward Symon'sEstate25    50
The Occ of Mr Samll Symon'sEstate15    
The Occ of Rich Trist'sEstate10    
Jon Huxhamor ye Occ13    50['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Jon Brownfor w[ha]t he lives in11    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Jon Coletonof Bellsford13    [there is an abbreviation mark over 'Jon']
William Soper03    
Jon Watson10    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Mr Tho Stabb40    50
Robert Brownfor Creese's Tenem[en]t05    
Robert Cranford05    
Henry Browse11    50
Jon Harvey10    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Christopher Morrow09    
Jon Coletonof Harnaford05    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Richard Disting05    
The Occ of Anne Parnells10    
Clem[en]t Deever13    50
Mrs [no forename] Key18    
The Occ of Great P[ar]ks 07    
Nathaniell Symonsfor Langaford Ten[emen]t04    
Elizabeth Sare Wid04    
The Occ of Northways 04    
Jon Martin16    50['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Jon Brownfor Fords T[enement]10    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
The Occ of Mrs [no forename] EveleighsEast Leigh10    
The Occ Edw Ewensat Harnaford05    
The Occ of Elias's Downs 04    
The Occ of Flatches Coombe 05    
Sarah Luscombefor Whitely14    50
Jon Veseyor ye Occu11    
Jon Key Gentfor Langridge02    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Robert Brown Junr10    
The Occ of Heaths of Moorland 03    
Will Blackleror ye Occ10    
Nicholas Neeld20    50
Mrs Sarah Symons20    
The Occ of Nicholas Friends05    
Edward Shillabeer05    
Christopher Farwell Gent25    
Mrs Risdonefor Langford25    
The Occ of Roostabridge 12    50
The Occ of Agnis Edwardsat Harbertonford07    
The Occ of her Estate at Milltown 06    
The Occ of Sarels Forcke 07    
Philip Lavers10    
The Occ of Samll Bickford05    
William Pack03    
Mr Joseph Fox10    50
The Occ of Jon Philip'sHackland10    ['Jon' has a suspended 'n']
Mr Robert Prowsefor Gusaford10    
Robert Brownof Leigh05    
Hugh Datting05    
William Manning05    
Henry Manning05    
Petter Knowling gent200    horse
Nath Symons    Con[sta]ble
Jon Colton    Con[sta]ble['Jon' has a suspended 'n']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]