Z1/43/2/14 Slapton, Coleridge Hundred

September 6th 1715 An establishm[en]t of foot soulders and armes w[i]thin the p[ar]ish aboves[ai]d to be the standing militia of the s[ai]d County charged according to an Act of Parlyament

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
The Lord Arundellfor the sheife64    arms[The total for this group is £100]
Robert Andrews06    
John Jellard13    
Crispin Tucker06    
Andrew Dorry05    [? Derry]
The occup[ie]rs of Tho[mas] Andrewsten[ement]06    
John Tucker11    arms
Mr Edward Slout27    
Doswill 12    
Mr John Slout36    arms
John Cod02    
Nich Weeks05    
Roger Hine07    
Richard Jellard18    arms
Mr Phillip Sweet18    
William Piprell14    
Nich[olas] Adams32    arms
John Ching12    
the occup[ie]rs of Newhouse 06    
Nich[olas] Hine17    arms
Mr John Adamsfor Loworthy17    
the occup[ie]rs of Molton 06    
Rich[ard] Madock08    
Ann Slout02    
Roger Tucker27    arms
Jane Jellard06    
the occup[ie]rs of Combs Ground 05    
the occup[ie]rs of Locks tenem[en]t06    
John Bastard06    
Peter Bastard16    arms
James Cod14    
Agness Wills06    
the occup[ie]rs of Torr 12    
John Codfor Whitstone02    
Richard Paige14    arms
the occup[ie]rs of Ley 12    
the occup[ie]rs of Higher Leyworthy12    
the occup[ie]rs of Holditches Tenem[en]t 07    
Mr John Bastard02    
Eliz Jellard03    
James Adams12    arms
John Martine09    
John Martine04    
William Standon12    
the occup[ie]rs of Pooll 07    
Richard Prout04    
William Cod02    
Daniel Phillips15    arms
the occup[ie]rs of Symons Ground 04    
Tho[mas] Phillips17    
Richard Laues04    
James Cod06    
Stephen Hine04    
Henery Tucker27    arms
Joseph Black09    
Chrispin Tuckerof Clowuely12    
Stephen Hinefor p[ar]te of Veals01    
Ambros[e] Hine01    
Mr Silvester Holditch14    arms
Mary Holditch06    
Mr Silvester Holditch15    
Tho[mas] Veale03    
William Holditch12    
[Total] 14 mens Armes    
Robert Andrews    Con[sta]ble
Joseph Black    Con[sta]ble
Edward Slout    
John Slout    
Phillip Sweet    
Silvester Holditch    
An Account of such p[er]sons who since the last settlement the 30th August 1697 are gonne to hors[e] w[hi]ch is in Esqr Staffords & Esqr Curtnes hands
Tho Tealsmeddo02    
Lewes Oldrifs08    
Tho Jeffreys05    
Nich Fords15    
Eliz Tuckers06    
Eliz Holditch09    
Tho Andrews08    
George Hodges15    
Roger Locks07    
Nich Slout10    
John Beare Esqr08    
93 pounds    [endorsed 'Slapton 14 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]