Z1/43/2/17 Stoke Fleming, Coleridge Hundred

By vertue of a warrant from the honourable Deaupitie Liuetenants of this County for the settleing the foott malitia and asesing the said p[ar]ish for the same according to an Act of Parliment in that case made and provided this sixth day of September Annoy Domy 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Mr Peter Millsper Rectory50-00    one mans arms
Mr William Elliott Senior14-00    one mans arms
Mr William Elliott Junior12-10    [amount altered from £12-00]
William Leach12-10    [amount altered from £12-00]
Henry Neald06-00    
Elizebeth Furneaxper Laks05-00    
Mr Robert Wills29-00    one mans arms
John Wills13-10    
Lawrence Wills7-10    
Mr Thomas Pering senior16-10    one mans arms
Nicholas Pering16-10    
William Leah7-00    
John Tukerman [&]    
Nicholas Tuker &    
Mary Clark6-00    
Elizebeth Furneaxper Thorns4-00    
The Execs of Mr Thomas Floud8-00    one mans arms
Richard Hurell4-00    
Elizebeth Furneaxper Cusens12-10    
Elizebeth Furneaxper Halswell8-00    
John Heale6-10    
Elizebeth Furneaxper Mill hills [&] Will p[ar]ks9-00    
Thomzin Borten2-00    
Mr Petter Creed18-00    one mans arms
Robert Wills7-10    
Mr John Croker12-00    
The Widow [no forename] Phillips12-10    
Mr Robert Penheyof Worden15-00    one mans arms
Mr Arthir Haring16-00    
Thomas Perring Juner8-00    
William Spark8-00    
Thomzin Borten3-00    
Mr Osmund Mordent16-10    one mans arms
Josias Southcote Esqur15-10    
Robert Penheyper Wheatland5-00    
William Penhey8-00    
John Penhey &    
Elias Ford5-00    
Mr Petter Creedper Cume27-00    one mans arms
John Vaden andand    
ye widow [no forename] Buley15-00    
John Ford8-00    
William Millcombe14-00    one mans arms
Counseler [no forename] Warpooleper Yarticombe5-00    
John Perring16-10    
Adam Marsh and    
Grace Luscombe7-10    
Robert Edgcombe6-10    
Nicholas Downing0-10    
John Scoble15-00    one mans arms
Elizebeth Furneax and    
William Terry13-10    
William Edmonds and7-10    
Peter Wollson    
The widdow [no forename] Dinning7-10    
Edward Luscombe5-00    
Nicholas Downing1-10    
Robert Haring &    
Thomas Perring15-10    one mans arms
Mr John Roope6-00    
Nicholas Ball6-10    
Susana Jellerd14-00    
Henery Nealdper Derkhole8-00    
Henery Neald19-00    one mans arms
Richard Penhey5-00    
Edward Andreus5-00    
The Widdow [no forename] Oldrive5-00    
William Elliott5-00    
Nicholas Ball5-00    
Robert Huntt6-00    
William Leach15-10    one mans arms
Josias Southcot Esqr15-00    
The Widdow [no forename] Bulley7-10    
Alexander Crispin7-10    
Nichelas Downing3-00    
Robert Hunt1-10    
William Terry    Constable
Elias Ford    Constable

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]