Z1/43/2/16 Stokenham, Coleridge Hundred

An establishment of the soldiers and arems both of foot and horse with in the aforesaid p[ar]ish and County, to be of the standing mallitia charged by us Debuty Leiutenants of this County the 29th day of Septemb[e]r in the second yeare of his Majesties reaigne Anno Dom 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s)    
Mr Philip Jelerd11-00    A mans arams
Frethrick Marker vic24-00    
Mr [no forename] Edgly08-00    
Michael Head04-00    
Timo Tolcherd01-00    
John Ewens02-00    
Mrs Mary Garland26-00    A mans arams
Will Jeffery04-00    
Richard Lake03-00    
Peter Gould03-00    
James Adams13-00    
Elizabeth Jellerd01-00    
Mrs Elizebeth Luscomb18-00    A mans arams
John Cruse04-00    
Mr Will[iam] Lange15-00    
Mr Henry Hingson07-00    
John Hine06-00    
Mr Walter Heell gent31-00    A mans arams
the ocepiers of Richard Head19-00    
Mr Will[iam] Horsham08-00    A mans arams
Will[iam] Gould10-00    
Will[iam] Prout07-00    
Richard Essell01-00    
Elizebeth Luscomb05-00    
John Helmer06-00    
Peter Winter10-00    
Thomas Stone01-00    
John Hyneof Hala02-00    
Mr Nicholas Head10-10    A mans arams
Will[iam] Brown02-10    
Stephen Bastard03-10    
John Issell03-00    
Rob[er]t Troute02-00    
Nath Shipherd02-00    
Nicho Weeks06-00    
John Fyall06-10    
Will[iam] Tabb06-00    
Richard Garland06-00    
Nicho Watts02-00    
Mr John Yabbucomb28-00    A mans arams
Henry Tombs05-00    
Will Deary01-00    
John Smith06-00    
John Tombs10-00    
Mr Nicho Randell13-00    A mans arams
Acayaus Randell07-00    
John Edmonds06-10    
Will[iam] GarlandWinslad04-10    
Daniel Hynes05-00    
Benet Bastard03-10    
Robert Jeffery01-00    
John Perret08-10    
John Lambel01-00    
Mr Will[iam] Prout10-00    A mans arams
Mr [no forename] Elmestone15-00    
Thom Pope05-00    
Stephen Terry02-00    
Mr Walter Jago09-00    
Widdo [no forename] Tucker01-00    
John Udey04-10    
Nicho Udey02-00    
Philip Cole01-10    
Mr Nathaniel Prettejohn12-00    A mans arams
Petter Jellard08-00    
Thom Winston01-10    
Agnes Jellard09-00    
Roger Mothews09-00    
Nich[olas] Gould05-00    
Widdo [no forename] Luckam05-00    
Mr John Cole15-10    A mans arams
Sam[uel] Weeks14-00    
Samson Stone02-00    
Isack Cole08-00    
Widdo [no forename] Garland10-10    
Mr Daniel Shath18-10    A mans arams
Nich[olas] Luscomb09-10    
Marks Garland07-00    
Tho[mas] Wills05-00    
Sill[vester] Gellard10-00    
Mr Tho[mas] Pope35-00    A mans arams
ouckepiers of Jonathon Ford g[en]t04-00    
Mary Philips09-00    
Tamsing Wearing02-00    
Mr Christephor Fyall15-00    A mans arams
Will[iam] Burgin07-00    
Phin[eas] Coker04-00    
Nicho[las] Lome08-00    
Thom[as] Shipherd07-00    
Will[iam] Paty01-00    
Will[iam] Wallies02-00    
Mr William Prettejohn13-00    A mans arams
Will[iam] Prettejohn Junr09-00    
Robt Lovell09-00    
John Luckefraft01-00    
Michael Lome09-00    
Sol[omon] Burgin03-00    
Joseph Davey01-00    
John Steell05-00    
Mr Nicho Pretteiohn08-10    A mans arams
Philip Cole05-00    
Elizebeth Luscomb04-00    
Will[iam] Dimond01-00    
Will Lyfe09-10    
Goyse Rumbelow12-00    
Will[iam] Luscomb05-00    
Seperin Pearse05-00    
Mr Richard Colling17-00    A mans arams
Dorethy Edwards12-00    
Isaac Wills05-00    
Widdo [no forename] Lyfe05-00    
Mote Cole05-00    
Mary Gould02-00    
John Burgin04-00    
In all 17 mens arames    
To horse     
Henry Nelson Esqr110-00    Horse
The ocupiers of John Founting Esqr080-00    Horse
The ocupiers of Roger Hele Esqr020-00    Horse
The ocupiers of William Basterd Esqr046-00    Horse
Esq Edward Carrey Esqr050-00    Horse
Esq Arther Holdsworth Esqr070-00    Horse
Esq William Dier Esqr015-00    Horse
gent Henry Butson gent051-00    Horse
gent Edmond Rynell Esqr009-10    Horse
gt Will[iam] Brown g[en]t020-10    Horse
gt Phillip Jellard g[en]t004-00    Horse
In all to hors476-00    
to foot850-00    
sum in all1326-00    
Constabels with thare assistance     
Philip Cole    Constable or assistant
Sam[uel] Weekes    Constable or assistant
Will[iam] Gould    Constable or assistant
John Robearts    Constable or assistant
James Adams    Constable or assistant
John Perrott    Constable or assistant
Christopher Fyal    Constable or assistant
Johns Ewens    Constable or assistant
John Cole    Constable or assistant

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]