Z1/43/2/18 Totnes, Coleridge Hundred

Assesment made the 6th September 1715 for the raising on[e] horse and 16 foote soulgers being our proportion to the millittia

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Nico Trest Esq"half a horse"    Horse[see 'Abatements' below]
Arthur Rooke Esq"half a horse"    Horse[see 'Abatements' below]
The Executors of Will Savory Esq40    [See 'Abatements' below]
The Executors of Charles Kellond Esq60    [see 'Abatements' below]
William Bogan Esq50    [see 'Abatements' below]
Samuell Wotton Esq20    [see 'Abatements' below]
James Rood Esq10    
The Mayor and Burgesses 50    50
Mr John Wyse50    50
Mr Richard Norris5    50
Gleddeon Maynard Esq20    
Mr Nico Davis6    
M[r]s Joan Blackalar15    
Mr John Athertonor occupiers of his estate4    
Mr Edward Pridhame9    50
Mr John Amiatt5    
Mr Phillip Athertone5    
Mr Charles Taylor7    
Mr Stephen Waymouthor occupiers of the estate Late Mr John Willings Seneor7    
Mr John Tucker7    
Mr Richard Colefor a feild Late Mr John Willings Junier3    
[entry crossed out] 0    
M[r]s Mary Wachop3    
Mr Joseph How4    
Mr John Holditch25 dubb 504    50
Mr Joseph Goodwin£12-10s dubb £252    
Mr Nicolas Brooking[£]15 and    [See 'Abatements' below. This entry has been substantially altered.]
Mr Simon Brooking[£]1025    
Mr Edward Rodd19    ['Mr Simon Brooking' deleted]
M[r]s Margeret Cross7    50
Mr James Buckley Seneor10    
Mr Edward Cockey6    
Mr Daniell Merriott10    
Mr Tho Flutesexecutors4    
Mr Henry Huntfor Jo[hn] Hornamans house2    
Mr Richard Colefor the house he Liveth in2    
Tho Proutor occupiers2    
Mr Robert Tristramfor his Estate3    
Mr John Tolchard4    
Mr John Langman3    50
Mr Robert Symmons7    
Mr John Adams9    
Mr John Gould11    
Mr James Rowe4    
Mr [forename illegible] Tillane3    
Mr John Taylor4    
Ed Euansor occupiers3    
M[r]s [no forename] Browne and    
M[r]s [no forename] Furse3    
Mr John Furneoux3    
M[r]s Eliz Rooke34    50
Mr Sam Deebleor occupiers of his estate4    
William Alfordfor his house3    
the occupiers of M[r]s [no forename] Matherells estate4    
Georg Prowseor occupiers of his estate2    
the occupiers of the house Late Georg Snells3    
Mr Christo Lock6    50
Mr Edmund Hyne09    
The occupyers of Mr William Palmersestat[e]22    
Mr Tho Willinge3    
Mr Samuell Viol4    
William Clement2    
Mr Robert Browne2    
Mr John Phillips2    
Mr William Neildor occupiers10    50
Mr Frederick Markeror occupiers8    
Mr Geo Yeo and    
Humphry Yeoor occupiers8    
Mr William Yeoor occupiers5    
Mr Richard Yeoor occupiers2    
[entry crossed out]     
Daniell Furse2    
Mr Stephen Waymouthfor Totnes Downe and Widegates and Earls feild9    
Mr John Harris Junier2    
[entry crossed out and the following substituted]     
Mr Nico Keene2    
Mr Tobias Lear2    
The occupiers of Mr Richard Brookingsestate12    50
Mr John Harlowin3    
Mr Tho Laneor occupiers7    
Mr Georg Fordor occupiers4    
Mr Richard Distineor occupiers5    
Mr Andrew Colwill10    
[entry crossed out]     
M[r]s Sarai Mulling2    
Joan Clift widdow3    
Mr John Southwardor occupers2    
The occupiers of the estate Late John Tippets2    
Mr James Buckley Junior6    50
Mr Adam Huchings2    
M[r]s Mary Mayne3    
The Executars of Mr James Mayne4    
Mr Abraham Brookingor occupiers7    
Mr Peter Cuminge4    
William Jarvisor occupiers4    
Mr Georg Roopeor occupiers6    
Mr Richard Tayloror occupiers of his Estate14    
Mr Richard Short Seneor8    50
The Executor of Mr John Galpineor occupiers10    
Mr William Bowden5    
Mr James RoweApothacary6    
Mr Edward Coulton2    
Mr Samuell Cockey3    
Mr Oliver Wakham4    
Mr John Babbage5    
Mr Joseph Fox7    
Mr Richard Vavasor30    50
Mr John Hawkings5    
Mr Georg Tremblet8    
M[r]s Susanna Vavasor and    
Mr Jo Alline4    
Mr Peter Luscombeor occupiers3    
Mr Stephen Waymouthfor Windmill downs and two feilds in Broad way10    50
Mr Tho Elworthyfor his house3    
Mr Richard Short Junier3    
Mr [no forename] Jetsumefor the house late Mr Joseph Langworthy3    
Mr Nico Gay2    
Mr Roger Berriman Seneorfor his Estate6    
Doctor [no RuportExecutor or occupiers9    
Mr Richard Colefor the house late Mr Edward Perrots2    
Mr John Macy2    
Mr William Laversfor the house Mr Samuel Deeble liveth in3    
M[r]s Joan Boscough3    
Mr Henery Torkingtone4    
Mr Christo Farwell15    50
Mr William Crossingor occupier6    
Mr Allan Stephens4    
Mr Andrew Harwood4    
Mr Nico Roe4    
Mr Peter Cockey2    
M[r]s Dorcass Haniford3    
[entry crossed out and the following substituted]     
The occupiers of the estate Late John Dotings and    
Garthred Langdon4    
Ellenor Coxworthy2    
Mr John HarrisIron monger4    
Christo Blachford2    
Wm Marchant    Constable
Christo Blachford    Constable
John Phillips    Constable
John Harris    Constable
John Langman    Constable
Walter Ford    Constable
John Soper    Constable
Christo Bastow    Constable[or 'Bastone']
Nico Reve    Constable
We the deputy Lieutenants whose names are hereunto subscrib[e]d doe agree that there shall be an abatement made of the assessm[en]ts charg[e]d upon these severall persons viz
Waltham Savery Esqr40-00-00    Abatement
the Exe[cutor]s of Charles Kellond Esqr60-00-00    Abatement
Wm Bogan Esqr50-00-00    Abatement
Sam Wotton Esqr06    Abatement
Wm Neyce Esqr10    Abatement[This name is not listed above]
Mr Nico Brooking15    Abatement
Arthur Rooke Esqr100    Abatement
Nico Trist Esqr40    Abatement
In all321    
In consideration whereof Six of the Sixteen men mentioned are to be abated out of the Same. Given under our hands the 20th day of Octo[be]r Anno Dom[in]I 1715

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]