Z1/43/3/1 Aveton Gifford, Ermington Hundred

the 19th day of October 1715 Account of the vallew of each p[er]sons estate together with the number of arms charged one them within the said p[ar]ish

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s (d))    
The yearely vallue and number of arms
Thomas Hesket Rect     [no amount shown: see 'memorandum' below]
x Henry Lanefor Higher Stockadon037-10-00    1 [Arms]
Robert Elliottor the occup[i]e[r] of Lower Stockadon012-10-00    
x Peter Cove gent 050-00-00    1 [Arms]
x John Cholwidgor the occup[i]e[r] of South Efford025-00-00    
Hugh Hingstonfor Borrough18-15-00    
Allin Hextfor Ashford06-05-00    
x Hugh Harris gent 43-15-00    1 [Arms]
The occup[i]e[r] of what was Georg Hingstons06-05-00    
x Thomas Heleor the occup[i]e[r] of Wisaller31-05-00    1 [Arms]
Stephen Cole06-05-00    
Martain Bickfordor the occup[i]e[r] of Fishley12-10-00    
x William Kittsong[en]t [and]    
Andrew Kingstonand    
Phillip Perrynfor Babland37-10-00    1 [Arms]
Dorothy Elliottor the occup[i]e[r] of Heathfeild12-10-00    
x William Kittson gent for Lower Heathfield37-10-00    1 [Arms]
The occup[i]e[r] of Bourne06-05-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of Winters Tenem[en]t 06-05-00    
Edward Jansfor Harraton31-05-00    1 [Arms]
Mr [no forename] Buckleyor the occup[i]e[r] of Phillips tenem[en]t10-07-00    
Peter Covefor Elwill07-08-00    
Mary Screechfor Ashford01-00-00    
William Bowhayfor Harraton15-15-00    1 [Arms]
Elizabeth Leafor Lea13-15-00    
Hugh Portor the occup[i]e[r] of a tenem[en]t in Chillaton12-10-00    
Moses Helyer06-05-00    
Allin Hextfor Clanabury01-15-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of was late Tabs Borrough 14-01-03    1 [Arms]
Peter Cove gent for what was Tabs Ashford10-18-09    
William Kennardfor Collings Hous and Mills06-05-00    
Richard Sherrifffor Lowhill and Lixton06-05-00    
Pricila Ritchfor Lixton06-05-00    
Nichalos Bickfordfor Heath06-05-00    
John Mosesor the occup[i]e[r] of Spicers Comb16-00-00    1 [Arms]
Peter Cove gent for Redley10-14-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of what was Arthur Thorns09-08-00    
John Harwood02-00-00    
John Pearsfor what was    
Eldad Laverss03-00-00    [the forename is unusual]
Jams Leigh07-02-00    
Thomas Sarlefor Clarks and the Millhay01-16-00    
Phillip Leigh33-00-00    1 [Arms]
The occup[i]e[r] of Binick 12-10-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of Beni EdwardsBorrough04-10-00    
Roger Lidston28-17-06    1 [Arms]
Mary Cranchfor Haraton19-00-00    
Peter Cove gent for Vors02-02-06    
Michaell Willing13-05-08    1 [Arms]
Joseph Bastard12-10-00    
Henry Cole& the occup[ie]r12-10-00    
Edward Jansfor Shinnors09-07-06    
Hugh Woollcott02-06-10    
The occup[i]e[r] of [space] Comb 25-00-00    1 [Arms]
John Pears14-16-00    
Robert Pinwillfor Camps03-02-06    
Richard Sherrifffor Heath03-02-06    
Mary Screechfor part of Cookes Land03-19-00    
The of John LeighsChillaton31-05-00    1 [Arms][sic]
Stephen Cole09-07-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of what was John Thorns09-08-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of what was lat[e] Jams Screechs15-07-06    1 [Arms]
Roger Saundersor the occup[i]e[r] of Bourn06-05-00    
Henry Laneot the occup[i]e[r] of the Marshes and Mills12-10-00    
The occup[i]e[r] of Heathfield Downs10-03-00    
Noah Cleveand for what was Mr Copelstons03-02-06    
Peter Cove gent for the remainder of Daws02-12-00    
John Mudgfor severell tenem[en]ts21-17-06    1 [Arms]
Francis Hele gent for a tenem[en]t in Ashford12-10-00    
Roger Phillipsfor Yabacomb Woods12-10-00    
Gefery Kingfor Frends03-02-06    
Peter Cove gent for Chantery50-00-00    1 [Arms]
Estates charged to Horse are     
William Woolcomb Esqr for part of Cort50-00-00    horse
more for Crabb Cort Park16-13-04    
more for Thomas Stephensp[ar]t of Cort50-00-00    
M[rs] Agnis Leighfor Warwoods and Ware Douns, Lidstons and Snodens40-00-00    horse[[rs] = likely meaning of abbreviation sign]
John Harris gent 62-10-00    horse
Arthur Rooke gent for p[ar]t of Cort and Yabacomb60-00-00    horse
Tinners horse
John Hurrell gent 50-00-00    
mor for Tor and Lixston45-17-00    
Estates charged to Tinners     
Hugh Harris genfor Damerals Coombe12-10-00    tinners
Henry Colefor Hagaton12-10-00    tinners
Hugh Copelston gent for Langland12-10-00    tinners
Mem[orandum] Mr [Thomas] Heskettis excused by meanes of being a Chaplin to L[or]d Windsors Regim[en]t    [Rector - see above]
    [endorsed on back '19 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]