Z1/43/3/4 Ermington, Ermington Hundred

A p[ar]ticular of all 160 estates within the said parish of Ermington as are charged to foraigners arms according to an Act of Parliam[en]t in that case made and p[ro]vided with the value of the estates & names of the owner or occup[ie]rs of them made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed the 20th day of October 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount (£)    Type/LiabilityNotes
Imp[rimi]s Walter Moyle Esqrfor Hollocombe70    Two mens arms
Robert Triggs Vic[ar]for the Vicaridge30    
S[i]r John Rogers Barr[on]ettfor the barton of Ivybridge50    One mans arms
The occup[i]er of Sexton the Mills & Ermington Wood Swinehills and Sand P[ar]kes 60    Two mens arms
John Witheridgefor Erm Hills £15; for his
p[ar]t of Strood £6; and for Keyton £5 in all
Mary & Agnis Pearsefor theire p[ar]t of Ermington Hill14    
The occup[ie]rs of the parsonage 50    One mans arms
Francis Pengilly Esqrfor the barton of Woodland50    One mans arms
Stephen Revell gentfor Hunsdon Clyft & Totemoore [?] P[ar]kes 54    Two mens arms
Susanna Andrew wid[ow]£30 &    
Agnis Penhayfor Stib £1040    
Richard Anthonyfor Weslake06    
Christopher Savery gentfor his p[ar]t of Worthele50    One mans arms[two entries(= one mans arms) have been erased]
John Gill gentfor Venn £24 [and] Halwill Lands £933    One mans arms
The occup[i]er of yt was Willm Knightatt Burrington08    
William Wotton£2 [and]    
Arthur Courtis£204    
John Croker gentfor Longp[ar]kes03    
William Pearse02    
George Rogers gentfor Clickland Halswill & his lands att Burrington43    One mans arms
Willm Adams Elde[r]for p[ar]t of Adston & Langbrooke07    [expansion of first abbreviation uncertain]
John Stephensfor his estate att Cadley & p[ar]t of Worso[v]or20    One mans arms
Ralph Langfor his part of Worsover07    
John Robbins£9 [and]    
John Prideauxatt Stover £211    
The occup[i]ers of yt was John Clyffts2    
Elizabeth Harvyfor her estate at Weslake5    
Jone Edgcombeand    
Grace Edgcombe5    
Margery Moysey wid[ow]£32 [and]    One mans arms
Mary Willingfor Crown hills £335    
The occup[i]er of Broad P[ar]kes£8    
& yt was Richd Willings£513    
The occup[i]er of yt was Thomas Willings02    
Thomas Mogridge gent£25 [and]    One mans arms
Nicholas Rowe gent£328    
William Treeby£3 [and]    
John Phillips£2 [and]    
The occup[i]ers of Brook yt was Mrs [no forename] Friends

Richd Rosedew gentfor Slade & Green P[ar]kes £9 [and]    
ye occup[i]er of Strood yt was James Stroods

Richard Jackson gentfor Freehamlet Okey & Erm[e] Parks30    One mans arms
[and] for p[ar]t of Kerswills £5 Mary Willingsp[ar]t £5 [and]    
for yt was Sarah Jutsham[s]£212    
Hugh Jefferyor ye occup[i]ers of yt was    
Robtt Tuckers06    
Phillip Tozarfor New Mills02    
Robtt Prowse gent£12 [and]    
ye occup[i]ers of yt was Ann Bound£8 [and]    
yt was Mr [no forename] Mudds£828    One mans arms
Arthur Rogers£6 [and]    
Jno Croker gentfor Meadfoot & Quarry P[ar]ke £410    
The occup[i]ers of Hole Acres £4 [and]     
Ann Witheridgewid £6 [and]    
Mary Warring£212    
Robert Triggsvic for Farnham £13 [and]    
ye occup[i]ers of Strood yt was Ten[emen]ts [?] £4 17    
Anthony Gould£4 [and]    
Eliza Denbow£1 [and]    
yt was Willm Hunwills£106    
John Pearseatt Strood £1 [and]    
James Wotton£102    [in] all £25[i.e. the sum of 7 entries]
Imp[rimi]s George Chudleigh Esqrfor Stratchleigh & Fursdon80    Horse
The occup[i]ers of the barton of Pruteston & Havylands 90    Horse
The occup[i]ers of Drew £16 [and] Ermington Wood £6 22    Horse
The trustees of James Modiver Hele Esqr £64 &    
yt was Jno Kelland Esqr£50114    Horse
The occup[i]ers of West Ley £20 [and]     
John Ashford Esqrfor North Slades £10030    Horse
Thomas Coplestone EsqrCowsberries Lankwill & East Ley056    Horse
Adrian Sweete Esqrfor his Pruteston050    Horse[a total of '£442' is shown for horse, followed by 2 further entries]
Robert Edgcombe gentfor South Coyton & Thorne £26 and for North Coyton £1642    Horse
The occup[i]er of Brook w[hi]ch was Willm Sparkwills08    Horse
We humbly certifie that George Chudleigh Esqr is charged to the horse in Ashton where he's resident
Richard AnthonyCon[sta]bles    
Hugh Giffrey    
[the number of 'Mens arms' amounts to 17 excluding the 3 entries marked 'all £25'; the back of the Assessment is marked '17 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]