Z1/43/3/6 Holbeton, Ermington Hundred

An assessm[en]t made ye 20th of October 1715 by Andrew Worthum and George Wyatt Con[sta]bles of ye parish afores[ai]d to horse & foot both farriners and tinners within ye s[ai]d p[ar]ish according to an Act of Parliam[en]t in that cause made

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s (d))    
Horse Arms Tinners    
The heires of Richd Hele Esqrfor ye barton of Fleet and other lands233-00-00    Tinner/horse
Henry Champernowne Esqrfor Membland & Calson bartons283-00-00    Tinner/horse
John Pollexfen Esqrfor ye barton of Mothecombe & other lands172-00-00    )
The heires of John Fortescue Esqrfor ye barton of Combe and other lands &178-0-0    ) 1 tinner/horse
Tho Prideauxfor part of Carswell    )
Nicholas Jutsham gent061-0-0    Tinner/horse
The heires of Roger Hele Esqrfor ye barton of Cattisburrough140-0-0    Tinner/horse
Foot arms    
William Jetsome gentfor Keaton Tinner50-00-00    Tinner/foot
Richard Rosdewfor Ramsland40-00-00    [foot][apparently not counted as part of the assessment of 17 men]
1 The occupiers of Burrough50-00-00    [foot]
2 The holders of Poole 50-00-00    [foot]
3 William Ley gent30-00-00    [foot][the mss has sub-totals for each group from this point]
Walter Worthum20-00-00    
4 Andrew Worthum36-00-00    [foot]
William Browse &    
John Collings14-00-00    
[5 &] 6 Arthur Lee gent74-00-00    [foot]
Wm Holman26-00-00    
7 George Peach28-10-00    [foot]
Wm Jetsomefor Moore & Torparks07-00-00    
George Wyattfor Eastentowne06-10-00    
Anne Veale08-00-00    
8 Walter Hamblinge38-00-00    [foot]
John Jutsham gent10-00-00    
George Wyatt02-00-00    
9 Mrs Emme Adams22-00-00    [foot]
Mr Richd Venn11-00-00    
The holders of Walter Heles estate15-00-00    
Thomas Pike02-00-00    
10 The occupiers of ye estates late Richd Treby37-06-08    [foot]
Nicholas Hill &    
Robt Gullett07-13-04    
The holders of Pitt 05-00-00    
11 Thomas Prideaux28-00-00    [foot]
James Hingston04-00-00    
Andrew Alger07-13-04    
Robt Bawden10-06-08    
12 John Brookinge16-00-00    [foot]
Joseph Baker15-00-00    
Andrew Dunn11-00-00    
Hugh Treeby08-00-00    
13 Blanch Bowhay14-00-00    [foot]
Mary Alger13-06-08    
John Port13-06-08    
Mrs Amy Camefor Sarah Hingstons04-00-00    
George Rogers04-06-08    
John Stidson01-00-00    
14 Francis Camefor Hay [and]40-00-00    [foot]
for Lambside10-00-00    
15 Phillip Jutsham gent22-06-08    [foot]
John Trebyof Fursdon14-06-08    
Mrs Amy Came06-06-08    
John Hingston05-00-00    
Lyonell Bawden02-00-00    
16 Joan Hayman25-00-00    [foot]
Mrs [no forename] Coplestoneor ye holders10-00-00    
Wm Pike15-00-00    
17 Mr [no forename] Griffith Vicar50-00-00    [foot]
Adrian Swete Esqrfor ye estate late Mr Penhays46-00-00    to horse['being 2 foot arms' is written next to the sub-total (£100-00-00) for these 3 entries designated 'to horse']
Mr Henry Legassickefor Hole33-00-00    to horse
The heirs of Richd Hele Esqrfor Lakemans & Trebys ten[e]m[en]ts21-00-00    to horse
    [endorsed on back '17 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]