Z1/43/3/8 Modbury, Ermington Hundred

An assessment made the 19th day of October 1715 by the Con[sta]bles of Modbury aforsaid by & with the consent and assistance of ye p[ar]ishn[e]rs for ye mainetenance of farriners arms within the said p[ar]ish

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s (d))    
Imp[rimis] The owners of ye Barton of Edmeston & Gutsford 150    arms 3
Samuell Hart g[e]ntfor Yarnacombe [&]62    3
More Three Tena[men]ts at Lee [&]45    
More a Tena[men]t late ye John Fowells[&]15    
More for Lower Downs 10    
Richard Soperfor his Tenem[en]t15    
Roger Earlfor Penp[ ]s3    [transcription of abbreviation uncertain]
Elizabeth Hingston widowfor Tehele37    1
Elizabeth Fordfor Frydays Hills7    
Christopher Laversfor his Tenem[en]t3    
Wm Whitefor his Tenem[en]t at Lee3    
John Hingstonfor Little Modbury [&]24    1
More for Kerswill P[ar]ks12    
Wm Crispinfor Cumbray Twelve peny land & Strangurs12    
Phillip Laversfor his Tenem[en]t2    
Samuell Shinerfor Little Modbury [&]30    1
More p[ar]t of Little Modbury & Prigdons late Henry Avents6    
Henery Aventfor his p[ar]t of Little Modbury11    
Peter Shipherdfor for Scoldings & Pullyblanks P[ar]k3    ['for' repeated in error]
Phillip Perringfor Elston30    1
The occup[ie]rs of an Estate late Mary Efords6    
John Pinhayfor his Tenem[en]t at Lee14    
Joan Richfor two tenem[en]ts at Brownston35    1
Nicholas Bawdenfor his Tenem[en]t15    
John Jutshamfor Stolyford, Thorne & Cowls40    1
Peter Shipherd Junrfor South Greenovens10    
Christopher Effordfor his Tenem[en]t23    1
Amy Bowerfor her Tenem[en]t14    
John Kingfor Kenadons6    
Sarah Rookfor North Greenovens7    
Thomas Wakehamfor Shipherds Ten[eme]nt and Threen p[ar]k, Ladymeads & p[ar]t of Modbury p[ar]k16    1
Tho Shinerfor Crospark, Weekmarshes, Mill p[ar]k, Towsons tenem[en]t & Rack P[ar]k15    
Joan Haymanfor Frendwill, Dogapit pond meadow & Bowhays close [£]11 & for ye p[ar]ke [£]314    
Elizabeth Shinerfor Frydayes Hills5    
Wm Willingfor Combe [£15] & for Eales P[ar]k [£]419    1
Georg Peachfor Cumbray15    
Nicholas Hynefor his tenem[en]t16    
Honour Burthogg widowfor Knighton Combe19    1
Hugh Harisfor a tenem[en]t late Geo Veles16    
Lews Jutshamfor Rufaton15    
Thomas Pridiamfor Penquet16    1
Thomas Gilesfor his tenem[en]t15    
Robert Toupfor his tenem[en]t15    
Pascho Legasickfor Will P[ar]ks2    
John Robinson&    
Eliz Leyfor w[ha]t was late Agnes Parnels2    
Jane Gray widfor her tenem[en]t at Ludbrook [&]15    1
more her tenem[en]t at Penquet11    
Eliz Ley widfor the hill6    
Alexander Midletonfor Lobb meadow3    
Elizabeth Gee widowp[ar]t of ye park3    
The occup[i]ers of a tenem[en]t late Walter Lakemans5    
Hugh Harrisfor Chatwills4    
Phillip Moyseyfor his tenem[en]t at Lee3    
James Phillipsfor Widland15    1
The occup[i]rs of Copythorn 12    
Elizabeth Cownefor Shipham7    
John Revillfor Bonamore6    
John Portfor p[ar]t of the park4    
Rich Collingsfor his p[ar]t of Little Modbury & Yarnhay6    
John Frendfor Stockenbridge22    1
Elizabeth Ellery widfor Westerns12    
Samuell Rookfor Hallow orchard6    
Johana Williamsfor Plaston2    
Elizabeth Phillipsfor her tenem[en]t2    
John Cowlefor his p[ar]t of ye p[ar]k6    
The occup[i]ers of Oldaport 44    1
Sarah Knig [or King] widfor Widland6    
Mary Waren widfor Broad p[ar]k & Shipham [&]14    1
more a ten[eme]nt late Tho Cowls [£5] & for Holwill & Cros P[ar]k [£1]6    
Wm Cottleyfor his tenem[en]t the waren, Quary P[ar]k & Mills18    
John Shipherdfor ye Town weights6    
Robert Phillipsfor Widland3    
Thomas Woodmasonfor Orcheton Mills3    
Wm GilesCon[sta]ble    [also signs below]
The names of all such p[er]sons as have estates within the p[ar]ish of Modbury who are chargable for the same w[i]th the maintenance of foot soldiers & arms with the tiners in Ashburton Stanary
Mary Foxworthyfor p[ar]t of Weeks25    2
Tho Foxworthy gnt& ye occup[i]rs of Brownston [&]24    
more for Comb downs 16    
Samuell Decks Clerkfor flood gates7    
Mary Warrenfor an estate late John Warrens15    
John Revillfor Widland7    
Hugh Harrisfor Stockenbridge late Geo Veales6    
Thomas Pridiauxfor Little Orcheton25    1
John Adamsfor Shearlangston25    
Christopher Jutshamfor Combe38    1
Andrew ColwillClerk or ye occup[i]ers of Bearscombe12    
The names of all such p[er]sons as live within the p[ar]ish of Modbury t[ha]t have estates w[i]thin ye said p[ar]ish who are chargable for the same with the maintenance of horsemen horses & arms with ye tiners
Servington Savery Esq266    Tinner/horse
Adrian Sweet Esq220    Tinner/horse
Humphry Jutsham gent130    Tinner/horse
Georg Backer Clerk[&]    
Ambrose Rhodes gent218    Tinner/horse
Henery Legassick gent [&]    
John Chaple gent200    Tinner/horse
Wm GilesCon[sta]ble    [also signs above]
[endorsed 'Modbury 22 men' on back]    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]