Z1/43/3/11 Ugborough, Ermington Hundred

An Asessment taxed on all the eastats within our said parrish charged to the Militia and ar as fowlloweth. Made the twentieth day of October 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
The occ of West Bowcombe and Henry Damerell97    2 mens Arms
Susanna Damerell03    
John Prydeaux Gent88    2 mens Arms
John Langdon08    
Robert Jeffry04    
Humphry Coplestone Gent40    1 mans Arms
Peter Collinerfor Lingmors [?]05    
Thomas Fox05    
John Crocker Gent16    1 mans Arms
Christopher Clift [? or Clist]08    
John Soper07    
John Taply06    
Richard Windiatt05    
Joan Burdwood04    
Phillip Sweett04    
Richard Windiatt16    1 mans Arms
Mary Rogers13    
Hugh Stentafordfor Gills13    
Francis Hodder Vicarfor Sopers02    
Benjamin Hodder02    
Mary Head02    
John Soperfor Waterman02    
Ralph Langefor Trehill28    1 mans Arms
Ralp Langefor Broad P[ar]ke04    
Ralph Langefor Foxes02    
The occ of Robt Gills06    
Adam Trinikefor Hudgdoms [?]03    
Hugh Stentaford06    
Sampsom Renell01    
William Geiles21    1 mans Arms
Humphry Parnell20    
The occ of Youngehouse 08    
Edmund Damerellfor Clampitts01    
Phillip Moysey22    1 mans Arms
Richard Soper04    
Joan Pollexfenor the occ04    
John Getsiousfor parte of Higher House04    
John Egbeer02    
John Rogersfor Cole P[ar]ke03    
John Trebyfor Delner02    
Roger Williams09    
Francis Hodder Vicarfor Hilhead14    1 mans Arms
Roger Prowse10    
Benjamin Hodder02    
Robert Hunewellfor Foxes 4 Godwill 307    
John Twist06    
William Pikes04    
Adam Soperor the occ03    
Richard Godfry04    
Henry Warringeand    1 mans Arms
Joan Warringe13    
Anthony Newland08    
Dorothy Damerell[and]    
Will Petherickeand    
Steven Tozer04    
Agnes Windiatt10    
The occ of Canep[ar]ke 02    
Richard Edgcoomb04    
Peter Collinerfor Cumings03    
John Trebyfro Damerells02    
Amy Cole04    
John Edwardsfor Torr10    1 mans Arms
Adam Trinickefor Broad Enaton12    
Humphry Parnellfor Cleaves08    
Christopher Brockewood10    
John Moysey05    
Richard Duningefor Heliers05    
The occ of Chiswills 44    1 mans Arms
Henry Farleigh06    
Mr Phillip Woolcoomb Clarkefor West Harden30    1 mans Arms
The same for East Harden20    
The whole are 15 mens Arms     
John Roggers    [signature]
Thomas Harleighe    [signature]
A Liste of sich parsons as are to the Hors     
Gorge Parker Esqrfor Blacketon26    horse
Henery Legasick Gentfor Torpeek27    horse
Richard Flowers Esqrfor New Bow12    horse
Aderon Sweetand     horse
Thomas Liscombe Esqrfor Enanton50    horse
Aderon Sweet Esqrfor Wadlands05    horse
Ser John Roggersfor Yoe05    horse
Nicklus Triste Esqrfor Tor04    horse
Charels Teyler Gentfor Marridgs50    horse
The same for Prooses12    horse
[endorsed 'Ugborough 15 men']    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]