Z1/43/4/3 Bratton Clovelly, Lifton Hundred

An assesment made ye 24th day of October 1715 for the settleling the malitia being the number of 9 mens armes charged & impossed upon the p[ar]ish affores[ai]d for the farryners after the rate of fifty pounds p[er] annum towards the maynetaineing of every foote shoulddier as followeth viz

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Mad[a]m [no forename] Collmodyfor Eastlake50    arms
Shadrach Vincent Rector50    arms
John Nosworthy gent10 0    arms
John Row10 0    
Tho Row5 0    
Charle Elsyngp[er] Bratton Town & Caddenpitt9 0    
William Chaslyp[er] Brox Combe8 0    [? =Brockscombe]
John Glanfill&    
the widdow [no forename] Tickle8 0    
Shadrach Stephens25 10    arms
Elyzabeth Tapssonp[er] Borough4 10    
John Glanfilp[er] South Breysell9 0    
Henry Row7 0    
John Sprey& the occupanns of Bush4 0    
Arthur Turner20 10    arms
Nath Sweetenham11 0    
Robort Day6 0    
Thomas Hill5 0    
Mrs Mary Hill7 10    
William Luxmoore&    
John Luxmoorefor Borough13 0    arms
John Lavers&    
Henry Lavers9 0    
Oliver Drown5 0    
Richard Tickle&    
William Tickle6 0    
William Metter[*]9 0    [* 'p[er] Cockrams tenement' crossed out and 'Metter' added; amount altered]
William Tickle&    
Robert Rodden [or Kodden]8 0    
William Row14 0    arms
William Coslake&    
John Northom11 0    
The occupanns of Blaggro [&]?    
Mr Coryndon 5 0    
Francis Northy6 0    
William Chaslyp[er] Cockrams4 0    
John Ticklep[er] Borough5 0    
William Boyley&    
Roger Coslake5 0    
John Elecottfor Bo[a]sley12 10    arms
John Rundle12 10    
John Hole5 0    
Simion Webber Rector14 0    
Catheraine Drown&    
Henry Cose [or Case]6 0    
John Luxmoore gent24 0    arms
Thomas Steart gent p[er] Bradcraft4 0    
Mr Charles Hutton10 0    
John Beckolake6 0    
John Drownfor Recson6 0    
William HillCons[ta]ble    [endorsed on back, 'men 9']
John RoweCons[ta]ble    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]