Z1/43/4/5 Bridestowe, Lifton Hundred, 1698

[sewn together with Lamerton assessment for 1715]

The 12th day of August 1698. A rate made by John Tickele & Stephen Redekliff assesores for the p[ar]ish of Bridesto for a quarterly pole for one year by vertue of Act of P[ar]lament made in ye ninth & tenth yeare of his Maie[s]t[y]s raigne intituled an Act for granting his Maiesty an aid [incomplete]

[this is a rate or poll tax (not a militia assessment) and is not divided into 'fifties'; *see also note below]

Name (and title)Amount    
(£ s d)    
Mr [no forename] Burnaford Curate04 00    
James Newton & his wife & 2 children16 00    
Alecsander Densham & his wife08 00    
Stephen Madaford & his wife08 00    
Mtr[e]ss Phillip Bidlake04 00    [women in Devon occasionally have this forename]
John Hawton & for one child08 00    
Roger Madaford & his wife08 00    
Peter Wills & his wife08 00    
James Gill & for one child08 00    
William Wilkes04 00    
John Dawe ['& his wife' erased]04 00    
Richerd Whit ['& his son' erased]04 00    
Charels Burrow04 00    
John Tickel04 00    
William Chewn & one child08 00    
Peter Walter & his wife08 00    
Stephen Madaferd of Blakabroom04 00    
John Rapson & his wife08 00    
Walter Yoldon & his wife08 00    
Henery Crosman & his wife & one child12 00    
Walter Nichol & his wife08 00    
Pancros Madaferd & his son08 00    
Ebsworthy Tapson04 00    
Nicholis Tapson04 00    
Frances Nichols widdow04 00    
Frances Penhored04 00    
Edward Bolt & his wife08 00    
Richerd Blatchford04 00    
Andrew Brimelcum04 00    
Ralph Mayger04 00    
Stephen Redekliff04 00    
Nathanuel Hender04 00    
Robert Leaman & his wife08 00    
William Mason & his wife08 00    
Thomas Leaman04 00    
Henry Walter04 00    
Peter Ebsworthy04 00    
John Ebsworthy04 00    
Gorge Stitson junear04 00    
Nicholes Reed04 00    
Frances Yoldon04 00    
Roger Daw04 00    
[Total]12 04 00    [42 entries - 58 people]
John Tickell    
Stephen Redekliff    
Peter Ebsworthy    
& Henry Walter we do appoint for colectors

[* This list is entered on the outer side of a leaf sewn together with two further leaves. It is repeated on the inner side of the leaf where the amounts assessed are divided by four (compared with the main list) and there are a few other minor variations (eg 'Madaford' is shown as 'Madaten'). The 1715 militia assessment for Lamerton has been entered on the two inner leaves of the folio.] The back of the document is endorsed 'Bridestow £3 1s 0d, 1 qu[ar]terly payment']