Z1/43/3/18 Thrushelton, Lifton Hundred

An assesment made by Jacob Maynard Const[a]ble for the p[ar]ish of Thrushelton for the settling of the militia within the p[ar]ish aforesaid p[ar]ish [sic] acording to the acts of parliament for the ordring the miltia in the severall Counties of this kingdom 1715 Octob the 25th

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Imp[rim]is Arthur Tramayn Esqr for the holders of Connonbarn18    [foot]
The holders of Broadly 6    
John Sprey12    
Arthur Soper8    
Jacob Maynard6    
John Sprey Senour14    [foot]
The holders of Widicumb 12    
Walter Youldon6    
William Frees5    
Robert Pearce6    
The holders of Smalls ten[emen]t 7    
John Doidge13    [foot]
John Heayn6    
Frances Rickard4    
Shillstone Pengely8    
John Small6    
The holders of Tribick 7    
Richard Walkey6    
Gartred Martyn widdow14    [foot]
The holders of Patchall 14    
Nicholas Down5    
John Martyn7    
Richard Martyn5    
Richard Courtis5    
Edmond Pengely22    [foot]
John Spreyfor Allder5    
Lanalet Buckellor the holders5    [? 'c' inserted to form Lancalet]
John Eastcut5    
John Coll5    
Mrs [no forename] Corendon3    
John Pearce4    
The holders of Frees te[ne]m[e]nt 1    
[no signatures of constables or deputy lieutenants]    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]