Z1/43/5/1 Bere Ferrers, Roborough Hundred

An establishment made by us whose names are subscribed for settling of the militia within our said parish the 17th day of October 1715 accor[d]ing to the late Acts of Parlament for ordering the forces in the said County

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Chargeable to horse, originally farriners, but by an Order serve with hors     
The Right Hono[ra]ble Earle of Stamfordfor the barton of Beare & his other estates400    horse
Thomas Horrell Recter200    horse
Towards the horse     
The Right Hono[ra]ble Sir Fran[cis] Drake30    horse
Henry Maniton Esqr15    horse
James Courtney Esqr05    horse
Nicholas Clarke50    one arms
Wm Stapletonp[er] his estates25    one arms
Nicholas Clarke19    
& for Ashin06    
Ambros Rider Gent p[er] Rumbleigh32    one arms
Mary Savage&    
Matthias Savagep[er] Clamake16    
Henry Stitsonfor Helwill02    
Henry Willsp[er] his estates21    one arms
Beatten Footep[er] Goldstreet06    
Robert Tapsonp[er] his estates09    
Sam[ue]ll Stephensp[er] Goldstreet06    
Eliz[abe]th Stephensp[er] Norton08    
John Anthony Gent p[er] his estates28    
& p[er] Foots Ward05    
Micheall Doidge12    
Daniel Reessefor Kingswill04    
Jane Hakep[er] her cottage01    
Richard Brishp[er] his estates30    one arms
& p[er] Gullatown08    
Robert Peekep[er] his p[ar]t of Lee06    
Henry Hamp[er] his estate06    
John Fordof Marythorne14    one arms
& the hol[de]rs of the Douer house01    
Robert Fordp[er] Ware12    
Eliz[abe]th Tickell vid08    
Joseph Burgesp[er] his estate09    
Edward Fordp[er] his p[ar]t of Ashin03    
John Tollp[er] Will03    
John Fordof Hooe17    one arms
Mary Wills vid p[er] Cogaly05    
Mary Wills vid p[er] Birch08    
Nicholas Tool&    
William Tool06    
John Hamp[er] Sarah P[ar]ke07    
Thomas Footep[er] Ward07    
Wm Cole12    one arms
The holders of Hole 30    
Nicholas Clarkep[er] Filly08    
John Willsp[er] Whitsom & Hooten20    one arms
John Stephensp[er] Hooton05    
Henry Willsp[er] Forssill11    [probably Furzehill]
Wm Willsp[er] Frog street14    
The hold[er]s of Collings 14    one arms
John Willsp[er] Holesole09    
William Willsp[er] Helstone07    
Robert Stidsonp[er] his estates05    
Richard Harrisp[er] his estats15    
John Footep[er] his estats22    one arms
Thomas Knightonor ye hold[er]s p[er] Hooton17    
Sam[ue]ll Stephensp[er] [deletion] Birch09    
Mrs [no forename] Dunning02    
William Brayfor Whitsam, Hooton, Brander Torres mead[ow]s & Andrews Lee50    one arms
John Stephensp[er] Woolocombe18    one arms
Walter Peeke05    
William Banwill07    
Mary Shiphard06    
Wm Brayp[er] Lee05    
Henry Cloake05    
The Hold[er]s [sic] 03    
Daniell Reepep[er] Sortens ten[emen]ts01    
Daniell Forsmanp[er] his estate50    one arms
William Skerret21    one arms
John Jope13    
Richard Hawkins12    
John Powell04    
Matthew Stephensp[er] his estates10    one arms
Matthew Clarke&    
William Clarke05    
Philipa Reepp[er] Collatown 05    
& p[er] Gnattam Head P[ar]ks & Couldhar[harb]er10    
John Marten08    
William Footep[er] Hensbury 05    
& p[er] part of Shitcombe02    
Thomas Footp[er] Hensbury05    
Thomas Footep[er] his Gnattam05    half arms
& p[er] Reeps Gnattam05    
Wm Footep[er] part of Shitcomb14    
Abraham Clarkep[er] part of Powils01    
The Honnerable S[i]r Frances Draketo the foott as foll[owet]h     
[for] Wallers08    half arms
[and] Battons06    
[and] West p[ar]ke04    
[and] Hawcombe & p[ar]te of Will07    
Micheall DoidgeCon[sta]ble    
William ColeCon[sta]ble    
[endorsed 'Beer Ferris 18 Men' on reverse]    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]