Z1/43/5/5 Egg Buckland, Roborough Hundred

October 22th 1715 An assessment taxed on the severall bartons, messuages, lands & tenem[en]ts within ye said p[ar]ish to horse & foot both to forreigners & tinners with the p[ar]ticulars, owners names & values of every p[ar]ticular estate

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s d)    
Charged to horse     
S[i]r Nicholas Morris Kt & Bartt or ye occup[an]ts of Holt woods010 00 0    horse
The heires at law of S[i]r Hele Hook Kt & Bartt or ye occup[an]ts of ye Sheaf050 00 0    foot"to ye foot" interpolated
Harry Trelawny Esqr or ye occup[an]ts of ye barton of Efford300 00 0    horse[entered as a tinner elsewhere]
George Parker Esqr010 00 0    horse
Thomas Bounds Gent for his tenem[en]t in Widy20    tinner
[the same] for Eastones tenem[en]t7 10    tinner
Dr [no forename] Pyne10    tinner
Nath Durant Esqr for a tenem[en]t late    
Nicholas Bartlets5    tinner
Eliz Crosmanfor a tenem[en]t late    
Walter Crosmans7 10    tinner
Nath Durant Esqr for ye mannor of Leigham101    forreigner[the mss has a sub-total of £150 grouped with a curly bracket for these 4 entries]
Rich Opie Gent or ye occup[an]ts of Coleridge, Foards & Thornberry42    
The occup[an]ts of Clayes tene[me]nt 3 10    
The occup[an]ts of Eustices tene[me]nt 3 10    
Mr Arthur Robinson Vicc[a]r17    forreigner
Elias Jessepfor Widy Mills17    
Thomas Crosmanfor Gooswell [and]8 10    
for a tenem[en]t at Thornberry 7 10    
Mr Anthony Culme27    forreigner
Walter Reep12 10    
Eliz Babb7 10    
John Brusy3    
George Ide22 10    forreigner
Jane Pearse14    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Skinners place 9    
Julian Hobbs4 10    
Henry Moses22 10    forreigner
Mrs [no forename] Diptford14    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Dodges tenem[en]t 5    
Wm Pearse4 10    
John Cudlip4    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Bowdon & Creesy Mill 33    forreigner
Stephen Pearsefor ye halfendeal of Hoaklands4    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Pooll 13    
John Searle Gent17    forreigner
Jno Fortescue8    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Stone 8 10    
Walter Coad8    
Walter Russey8 10    
Nich Ginneys Gent14    forreigner
Tho Bounds Gent19 10    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of two tenem[en]ts at Thornbery one late James Cornishes& ye other late Cokeys4    
Matthew Revell8 10    
Robt Turney4    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Anson 17    forreigner
Eliz Crosman4 10    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of a tenem[en]t late Jane Wottons2 10    
Margrett Williams14 10    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Barne 4    
Anne Bunneyfor Seagars tenem[en]t2 10    
Jonathan Murfield2 10    
The occ[u]p[an]ts of Awters Wells2 10    
Arth[ur] RobinsonVicar    
Anthony Culme[signatory]    
Thomas Crosman[signatory]    
John Crees[signatory]    
Walter Coad[signatory]    
John Brusey[signatory]    
Ellis Jesop[signatory]    
[endorsed on back 'Egg Buckland 12 men']    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]