Z1/43/6/2 Buckfastleigh, Stanborough Hundred

Octob[er] ye 20th Anno Dom 1715. A list of ye names of all those that are charged to ye foot armes as farriners w[ith]in ye p[ar]ish afores[ai]d as followeth

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
James Cornelius vicar22    foot armes[Those charged to the horse not recorded here, though the draft (for Sept 1715) shows that at least 1 (Richard Fownes) was chargeable.]
James Furneauxof Totnesse04    
Anne Mudge05    
Occup[ie]r of l[a]t[e] John Holmanshowse &    
Mr [no forename] Cranchsestate at Denburne05    
Nicholas Abbutfor ye Mill ten[emen]t & howses08    
Henry Callard04    
Shippin p[ar]ke 02    
Giles Yarde Gent p[ar]t of Bickadon50    foot armes
William Michelmore& 09    foot armes
for Jordan Streetsten[emen]t05    
Thomas Stidston02    
John Chaffe01    
Samuel Luscombe01    
Andrew Bartley03    
Occup[ie]r of l[a]t[e] Gildons 09    
Phillip Luscombefor Bowdons &    
Daniel Willingfor his howse06    
Occup[ie]r of l[a]t[e] Derrys tene[men]t 06    
Occup[ie]r of l[a]t[e] James Sharphams04    
Walter Knight02    
Church p[ar]k [?] l[a]t[e] Phill[ip] Michelmore02    
Samuel Michelmorefor Ellats17    foot armes
Occup[ie]r of Langleys 18    
Crappins p[ar]ke 02    
Thomas Michelmore05    
Phillip Foster&    
Will[iam] Foster03    
Edw Neyldl[a]t[e] Shipheards05    
Thomas Symons13    foot armes
Nicholas Endacot07    
Occup[ie]r of Weeck 08    
Eliz Luscombe08    
Will[iam] Chaffe04    
Sangers p[ar]ke 01    
Henry Furneaux Cord [*]01    [* abbreviated element unclear, but perhaps = 'cordwainer']
Occup[ie]r of Stones tenem[en]t 05    
Edward Neyldfor Clarks03    
Robert Hele11    foot armes
Jeffery Bully16    
Occup[ie]r of Bilberhill 09    
Thomas Mudge&    
Agness Mudge02    
Occup[ie]r of Buckfast Woods 10    
Phillipa Michelmore02    
Mr John Wyse[and]    
Mr John Amyat&    
Mr Phillip Atherton20    foot armes
Mr [no forename] Yardefor Scobells & Franc[*]20    [* meaning of abbreviated element unclear]
& for p[ar]t of Bickadon06    
Mr [no forename] Vavasorfor Bull meads04    
Othniel Gidley04    foot armes
l[a]t[e] Chaffes tenem[en]t 04    
l[a]t[e] Julyan Crosmans04    
George Staning06    
Henry Browse09    
l[a]t[e] Wilmot Michelmore03    
Merryfeild 07    
Mary Hannaford05    
Occup[ie]r of Paull Luscomb[es]estate in towne07    
John Churchwardfor p[ar]t of    
l[a]t[e] Abraham Callards01    
Samuell Furneaux13    foot armes
Anne Mudge02    
Geo Luscombe    
l[a]t[e] Abr Callard01    
Thomas Hore04    
Nicholas Cook01    
John Furneaux03    
Saml Furneaux03    
Henry Furneaux05    
Nicholas Endacot01    
Jeffery Scobell03    
John Chaffe sen05    
L[a]t[e] George Luscombeland04    
Symon Hiscock04    
Daniel Fox01    
And[rew] Tinckamfor Wotton08    Foot armes
& for Culms05    
& for Birchetts02    
& for Broom p[ar]ks12    
Henry Adams&    
Will[iam] Finch09    
Thomas Michelmore&    
Robert Michelmore02    
Paull Luscombe junr04    
And[rew] Tinckaml[a]t[e]Maddock[s]01    
Edward Neyld02    
Emanuel Algar04    
John Noseworthy01    
William MichelmoreConstable    
James WottonConstable    
    [endorsed on back 'Buckfastleigh 10 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]