Z1/43/6/1 Buckfastleigh, Stanborough Hundred

September ye 5th 1715. A list of all those personnes that are charged to the armes as farriners within the parish afores[ai]d as followeth

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Mr James Cornelius Vicar22    armes
Henry Furneaux[and]    
John Furneaux[and]    
Samuel Furneaux&    
Nicholas Endacot13    
John Furneauxof Totnesse05    
Ann Mudge05    
Occup[ie]r of l[a]te John Holmanshouse &    
Mr [no forename] Cranchfor his estate at Denburnebridges05    
Giles Yarde Gent for p[art] of Bickadon50    armes
William Michelmore10    armes
Paull Luscombe sen[ior] & ye occup[ie]rs of his estate in towne09    
Andrew Tinckamfor Broomp[ar]ks13    
Phillip Luscombe&    
Daniel Willing05    
Occup[ie]r of Derrys tenement 06    
Occup[ie]r of James Sharpehamsestate05    
Walter Knight02    
Samuel Michelmorefor Ellat18    armes
Occup[ie]r of ye tenement l[a]t[e] Langleys 20    
John Prowsefor Crappins p[ar]ke02    
Thomas Michelmore05    
Phillip Foster&    
William Foster05    
Thomas Symons15    armes
Occup[ie]r of ye estate l[a]t[e] Mr [no forename] Bullys05    
Occup[ie]r of ye estate l[a]t[e] Samuel Maddocks09    
John Michelmorefor Weeck tenement08    
Elizabeth Luscombe08    
William Chaffe05    
Robert Hele12    armes
Jeffery Bully19    
Christopher Furneauxfor Bilberhill10    
Occup[ie]r of Shippin P[ar]ke 02    
Thomas Mudge&    
Agnesse Mudge02    
Edward Neyldfor l[a]t[e] Shipheards05    
Giles Yarde Gent for Scobells tenem[en]t25    armes
& for p[ar]t of Bickadon07    
Edward Neyldfor Clarks tenement03    
John Chaffe sen06    
Occup[ie]r of ye land l[a]t[e] George Luscombes05    
Occup[ie]rs of Stones tenement late William Michelmores04    
Othniel Gidleyfor l[a]t[e] Shipheards05    armes
& for l[a]t[e] Chaffes tenement05    
Occup[ie]r of Hannafords tenem[en]t 04    
George Staning06    
Henry Browse09    
Phillip Michelmoresexecu[tor]s for Churn P[ar]ke02    
Occup[ie]r of ye tenem[en]t l[a]t[e] Wilmot Michelmores02    
Occup[ie]r of Merrifeild 08    
Emanuel Algar03    
Symon Hiscockfor l[a]t[e] Bakers06    
Samuel Furneauxfor Button14    armes
Henry Callard04    
Anne Mudge02    
Edward Neyld02    
Occup[ie]r of Rull Meads 07    [or ? Bull Meads]
Occup[ie]r of ye Sheiffe of Kilberland 06    
George Luscombefor l[a]t[e] Abra[ham] Callards house01    
Phillip Abbut& for ye Mill tenem[en]t09    
Thomas Hore05    
Andrew Tinckamfor Wotton tenem[en]t09    armes
& for l[a]t[e] Culms 07    
& for Birchetts l[a]t[e] John Warrens02    
Henry Adams&    
William Finch10    
Phillippa Michelmorefor p[ar]t of Polexphens02    
Thomas Michelmore&    
Robert Michelmorep[ar]t of ye same02    
Occup[ie]rs of l[a]t[e] Gildons tenem[en]t 10    
Paull Luscombe junr05    
Andrew Bartley03    
Occup[ie]rs of Kilberry 46    armes
Mr Giles Inglett09    ['55' in margin] page creased
William MichelmoreConstable    
James WottonConstable    
Robert BeardeConstable    
John FurneauxAssistance    
Samll MichelmoreAssistance    
Thomas SymonsAssistance    
Robert MichelmoreAssistance    
Robert HealAssistance    
Andrew TinckamAssistance    
Estates charged to the foot belonging to the farriners in the year 1697 in the parish of Buckfastleigh & since fallen into the hands of those that contributed to the horse as followeth & soe exempted from ye foot
Edward Luscombe[formerly]    
now Richard Fownes Esqr10    
Occup[ie]r of Kilberry being William Neyld Esqr [and]    
Mr Charles Taylor[and]    
Mr Richard Waddan[and]    
Mr John Wyse[and]    
Mr John Amyat[and]    
Mr [no forename] Atherton46    
l[a]t[e] Thomas Prowses Esqr    
now Richard Fownes Esqr04    
l[a]t[e] Thomas Butlands    
now Richard Fownes Esqr05    
l[a]t[e] William Creesses    
now Giles Inglett Esqr [crossed out] Gent09    
Richard Fownes Esqr setts forth a horse man & furniture on his owne acct    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]