Z1/43/6/4 Dartington, Stanborough Hundred

Septem[be]r the 7th 1715. A list of the valu of all the estates charged with finding arms within the p[ar]ish of Dartington of [unclear contraction] who are to be of the standing malctia according to the Act of Parliament in that cause made and provided

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
The wor[ship]full Arthur Champernowne Esqr    Charged in the Tin Troop
Nicho Rook Rector68    two mens armes
Hen Marten03    
Joa Alford03    ['a' of forename suspended]
Mr Jo AdamsCopperland01    
Mr [no forename] Parr02    
Geo Knowling02    
Mr [no forename] Palmer12    
Magery Gill03    
Ed Euons01    
Mr [no forename] Stoocker04    
The occuppiers of Vineyeard 01    
Abraham Foot16    armes
Thomas Manning01    
Jo Blackler01    
Margreat Gildon03    
Frances Waterman01    
The occupers of Mr [no forename] Jefferys estate 04    
Mr Jo Coryfor    
Mr [no forename] Saverys06    
Joseph Baker07    
Will[iam] Blackler03    
John Macey06    
The occupiers of Tho Adamshouse01    
Andrew Corse01    
Mr John Adams23    armes
Halse Philips07    
Mr Ar Rooke02    
Mr Jo Wisefor    
Mrs Pu [*] Brookings03    [* abbreviated element unclear]
Mr John Amyett02    
Mr Jo Wise06    
Sam Cockey04    
Mr Jo Amyettfor Mayards01    
Geo Knowlingfor the Balls02    
Rick Disting11    armes
more for p[ar]te of Ford02    
more for Drews close02    
Will[iam] Sando02    
Hen Adamsfor Weegers Tigley01    
John Metherell01    
Ar[thur] Tuckerman06    
Eliz Gildonfor Shinners [deletion]05    
Wilthin Burttvid05    
John Hamlin01    
Hen Adams02    
Nicho RennellCopperdownes05    
Hen Adamsfor Searles05    
John Field02    
John LuscombeCobbuton07    armes
John Philips07    
John Michellmore05    
Mr [no forename] Saveryp[ar]te of the same06    
John LangworthyPuddyven12    
John LangmanPuddyven01    
Christo Farwell02    
Nicho Gay02    
Hugh Cleymett08    
Mr [no forename] Brookingfor Allerton11    armes
Sarah LuscombeWhitley05    
Peter LuscombeStidstons mores01    
Mr John CoryEdswill08    
Mr [no forename] Gould02    
Ed Goodridge03    
Mr John Wisefor Ropp close01    
The occupiers of Will[iam] Searles01    
Hugh Searle04    
Will[iam] PrestonCocks Lake £3 6s    
[and] Nicho Rennellp[ar]te of same £2 4s    
[and] John Harveyp[ar]te of the same £1 2s07    
John LangworthyCurtisces03    
Geo Blacklerfor Martins02    
Hen Blackler02    
John SearleAllerton21    armes
Christo Gill07    
Hen Jeffery03    
Nicho White03    
John GillStaple01    
John LangworthyAdams07    
Jacob Searle03    
Humphry WattsCourtfields02    
Geo BlacklerTaylors Coate [= Cott]01    
John Field02    
Will[iam] Bowerman09    armes
John Bidlake07    
Nicho Rennell07    
Humphry Watts[and]    
John Hervey[and]    
Margreat Gildon[and]    
John Fieldfor Belly [= Belleigh]07    
Will[iam] Actings02    
John Gill05    
Rich Preston02    
Mr John WiseCoate [= Cott]05    
The occupiers of Petow P[ar]ke 01    
John Luscombefor Hamlafords05    
Henr[y] Gill08    armes
Geo FordBelly [= Belleigh]07    
more for Ascotts Ground and Abrahams Ground06    
Gacob Searlefor Crossings03    
Geo Fordfor Courtfields01    
more for Ed Ascotts01    
John LangworthyScreechs07    
more for Tuckers03    
more for Stidstones & Longcorse05    
Tho Field09    
Those p[er]sons hereunder written claime an exemtion from contributing to foot by being charged to horse
Waltham Savery Esqr10    horse
Sammuell Role Esqr49    horse
Walter Bogans Esqr50    horse
The heirs of Jo Kellond Esqr10    horse
James Rods Esqr05    horse
[no forename] Duck Esqr06    horse
Nicho[las] RennellCon[sta]ble    
Tho FieldCon[sta]ble    [endorsed 'Dartington 10 men']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]