Z1/43/6/7 Diptford, Stanborough Hundred

September ye 6th 1715. A rate made by those hose names are subscribed for ye settelments of ye malitia within ye p[ar]ish aboves[ai]d according to an Act of Parlaiment in yt cause made & provided

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Edward Nosworthy Rect[o]r48    arms
Peter Rider02    
John Clark gent27    arms
Solomon Helle gentfor Norcombs17    
Will[ia]m Stabbfor    
Solomon Helle gentfor Stert37    arms
Nicholas Grantfor Wheat P[ar]ks04    
Solomon Helle gentfor Blogswill09    
Solomon Helle gentfor Diptford Downs36    arms
Solomon Helle gentfor Symson12    
John Frost02    
The occup[ie]rs of Crakton & Byngley [*] 13    arms[* the letter 'n' in 'Byngley' is suspended above the 'g'; the place is presumably Beenleigh.]
Roger Colten08    
The occup[ie]rs of Nicholas Tombs10    
Edward Nosworthy Rect[o]rfor Will P[ar]ks [and]    
Edward Nosworthy&    
Peter Symmonfor Frishes06    
The occup[ie]rs of Wadwills 12    
The occup[ie]rs of Vardens 01    
The occup[ie]rs of Wagland 25    arms
Edward Nosworthy Rect[o]rfor his land of Holsome18    
Robert Tucker05    
John Frostor ye occup[ie]rs of Lavers estate02    
Richard Follettfor Bearscombe13    arms
more for ye land07    
John Langwillfor Blakewill12    
Mathew Deverfor Larkecomb12    
John Langworthyfor pt of Bendley05    [presumably = Beenleigh]
John Luckraftfor pt of his estate01    
Peter Stydsonfor Holsom13    arms
Henry Colingsfor Curtisnall13    
Peter Stydsonfor Trymswill07    
John Langworthyfor Murtwill Downs04    
Edward Nosworthy Rect[o]rfor Pully [*]rs06    [* abbreviated element unclear]
The occup[ie]r of Mr [no forename] Harts04    
John Newton g[en]t for Camps02    
John Luckraftfor ye other p[ar]t of his estate01    
Richard Jackson23    arms
Edward Nosworthy Rectfor his p]ar]t of Horner15    
Richard Jacksonfor Ford04    
John Tombs& ye occup[ie[rs08    
Nicholas Campefor Creber12    arms
Nicholas Campefor Glase & ye occup[ie]rs09    
Henry Colings g[en]tnew house & ye Coat12    
Nicholas Grantfor Murtwill09    
William Maning08    
Anthony Rider16    arms
Andrew Downing12    
John Bidlake11    
John Rideror ye occup[ie]rs08    
John Evelling& ye occup[ie]rs of Perings03    
John Fowell Esqr39    arms
The Lords of p[ar]t of Braderage 09    
William Stabbfor yt was Grull02    
William Lavers21    arms
Nathaniell Phillips09    
William Downing09    
Andrew Lavers08    
William Lidstone03    
Edward Ford18    arms
Robert Prowse16    
John Newton gent for pt of Lapaland11    
Mathew Deverfor Murtwill Ground02    
The occup[ie]rs of Pills Ground 03    
John Widdicombe17    arms
Henry Maningfor pt of Tho Smyths17    
Phillip Browsonfor his pt of Tho Smyths08    
The occop[ie]rs of Thorn 08    
Tinners charged in our p[ar]ish     
The occup[ie]rs of Crabbuton & Cumb 80    tinners
Peter Jelard20    
James Buckley gent for Curt42    tinners[? Curtisknowle]
William Creesefor Broadmeads08    
Gone to horse     
Charles Taylorfor Ashwill18    horse
more for ye Mills09    
more for Hustap[ar]k [?]14    
more for Tennaton15    
more for Ashwill lat[e] Manings10    
more for Bearscomb late Lavers07    
more for Ennaton03    
more for part of Lapaland11    
more for ye stent of Lapaland02    
more for late Sanders Ashwill12    
    'all 101'
Petter ShilsonCons[ta]ble    
Richard FolletCons[ta]ble    
Edward NosworthyRector [signatory]    
Solomon Hele[signatory]    
Henry Collings[signatory]    
John Widdicomb[signatory]    
Edwd Forde[signatory]    
Roger Colton[signatory]    
Richard Jackson[signatory]    
[endorsed on back 'Diptford 17 men', though the return only totals 15 men if, as elsewhere, those charged to the horse and tinners are excluded from the assessment for the parish. The shortfall is presumably represented by the £101 headed 'Gone to horse']

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]