Z1/43/6/9 East Allington, Stanborough Hundred

An assessm[en]t made for the settling of the militia of the p[ar]ish aforesaid the 25th day of August Anno Dom 1697

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
Impr[imi]s Elias Thomas Rector50    foot
Richard Wood Gent19    foot
James Wood Gent29    
James Codd02    
Thomas Prideaux Gent28    foot
John Prideaux Gent06    
The occ[upier] of Burleys 13    
Nicholas Slute03    
John Distaine senr10    foot
Thomas Distaine09    
Richard Distaine09    
Philip Pillage06    
Jonas Distaine02    
Sampson Oldriver08    
The occ[upier] of Edmunds Tenem[en]t 06    
Roope Hunt Gent28    foot
John Scobble Gent22    
Roger Distaine06    foot
John Distaine06    
The holders of Bryans Ground 06    
John Hynefor the Mills05    
Margery Osborne wid15    
John Bickford08    
Timothy Norris01    
Jonas Distainefor Halslade03    
George Hull24    foot
Robert Hull07    
Sylvester Holeditch14    
John Edmunds05    
Nicholas Luscombe16    foot
Robert Adams04    
John Hodgeor the holders15    
John Wood Gent09    
John Algar06    
Philip Neyle Gent33    foot
Edmund Scobble06    
Margery Paige&    
John Paige08    
Simon Lynnis01    
John Giles02    
Nicholas Bastard24    foot
John Harris Gent02    
Sampson Oldrivefor the two-thirds of Sheep Hills05    
Nich Ford Gent14    
Andrew Luckham05    
John Wakeham senr15    foot
John Hyne14    
John Gillard&    
Joane Gillard05    
John Paige07    
Edw[ar]d Westcott07    
Mr [no forename] Summister02    
William Prowt26    foot
Rich[ar]d Bastard15    
John Wakeham junr08    
James Adams01    
Totall sum [£] 600 - 12 foot arms     
The names of those persons assessd to the horse within the said parish
Edmund Fortescue Esqr155    horse
S[i]r John Southcott Kn[igh]t031    horse
Sampson Hele Esqr030    horse
John Steer Gent015    horse
Thomas PrideauxAssessor    
Philip NeyleAssessor    
Nicholas BastardAssessor    
Richd BastardAssessor    
John HyneCon[sta]ble    
Thomas DistaineCon[sta]ble    
Francis Dras    
Since this last settlement there is fallen into the hands of £ s d    
Edmund Fortescue Esqr Allington Mills08 00 00    [horse]
another estate fallen into the hands of Edmund Parker Esqr called Colehanger16 00 00    [horse]
another estate to John Harris Esqr 15 00 00    [horse]
another estate to Nicholas Rooke, Clerk04 00 00    [horse]
For our parish there stands charged to the foot eleven mens arms.     
So that the whole that is now fallen to the horse since the last settlem[en]t is £43 p[er] annu[m]     

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]