Z1/43/6/15b Rattery, Stanborough Hundred

Sepember 7th 1715. A list of the names of those that are sett to foot armes according to the vallew of theire estates of 50 p[e]r annum within your s[ai]d parrish

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s)    
Impr[imi]s Thomas Pine Esqr for Bickfords, Chobdwiches, Collings, Widitts & Jo Winditts45 10    arms
William Butcher4 10    
Thomas Pine Esqr for Shares10 6    arms
more Agnes Bickfords8 4    
James Rowe Gent for Luns2 14    
John Addams Gent for Cames Down & Beads Feilds5 8    
John Bellfeild Esqr for Higher Knowls11 14    
John Vavasor Gent 11 14    
John Michelmore12 12    arms
Cypprian Lee4 4    
Rich Holeman9 18    
Nicholas Rooke, Clark10 16    
Richard Harrise12 10    
John Doidge, vic33 6    arms
Edward Lun2 0    
Mrs [no forename] Flavillfor Snowden11 14    
Mrs [no forename] Flavillfor p[a]rt of Mudges3 0    
John Savery sen Gent28 16    arms
Richard Saveryof Ollacombe Gent14 8    
Jacob Savell [or Sarell]1 16    
Mrs [no forename] Whitrowfor part of Penswill5 0    
Mrs [no forename] Whitrow31 0    arms
Mrs [no forename] Jelard4 10    
John Belfeild Esqr for Hern14 10    
John Vavaforfor Martins3 12    arms
John Belfeild Esqr for Lower Knowl31 10    
James Rowfor Whorlesley13 10    
The widdow [no forename] Luscombfor Puts1 8    
Richard Duck Esqr 36 0    arms
James Rowfor Putts04 10    
Philip Terell2 14    
Elisabeth Euens6 16    
Gaywin Hayman Rec[tor] for Cumings & Cruft15 6    arms
John Savery Jun11 14    
Edward Cole7 4    
Mrs [no forename] Flavillfor for the other part of Muges3 6    
Samuelll Jefferyfor Ideswell4 10    
Robert Preston8 0    
George Fordor Mr Marshall15 6    arms
John Belfeild EsqrCrabacross1 16    
John Philipsfor Comb Park2 14    
Petter Luscombefor Tor Downs9 0    
John Philipsfor Hatchland6 6    
Richard Rodd10 16    
John Luscombfor part of his estat4 2    
William Maddock13 10    arms
The widdow [no forename] Selment7 4    ['Selment' in Sept duplicate]
Samuell Jefferyfor Doswell13 10    ['Doswell' in Sept duplicate]
John Luscomb7 12    
Robert Burt3 14    
John Whitly1 0    
Edward Euens1 0    
the widdow [no forename] Phillipsfor the estats lately widd Harries & Humphery Pardens2 10    
Soe there is gon to the horse since the last settelment     
Waltham Savery Esqr10    horse
Thomas Luscomb Esqr20    horse
Will[ia]m Ilbard Esqr11    horse
Samuell Wotton Esqr9    
being in all one mans armes which we humbley pray may be abated     
Richd Savery[signatory]    
Jo Savery[signatory]    
John Michelmore[signatory]    
John SaveryJun    
Cyprian LeeCon[sta]ble    
Thomas EdwardsCon[sta]ble    
[endorsed 'Duplicates that have been altered']    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]