DRO 3037A/PM4 Thurlestone, Stanborough Hundred

August the 31th Anno D[omi]ni dei 1697: An establishment then made by the Deputie Leiutenants of the County aforesaid of foot souldiers and arms within the parish aforesaid as they stand charged to the militia of this said County accordeing to an Act of Parliament in that case made and provided

Name (and title)Amount    
Impri[mi]s George Snell Rector 50    one foot arms
Thomas Cornish 48    one foot arms
Joane Wincheseed 2    
John Luscombe 23    one foot arms
Joseph Crispin and    
Benjamin Crispin 23    
James Wakeham &    
Will [illegible] 2    
Honor Rundle 2    
Andrew Square 39    one foot arms
Richard Morgan 5    
Joane Steer 3    
John Lidstone Cooper 3    
Richard Gilberd 20    one foot arms
Agnes Bourage 20    
James Wakehame 6    
John Lidstone 4    
Henry Phillips 20    one foot arms
Phillip Cornish 10    
the occupiers of Court P[ar]ke10    
Ann Petersfeild 3    
Andrew Phillips 2    
John Shepheard 5    
Ambrose Rhodes 20    one foot arms
Robert Coole 12    
John Lakeman 3    
William Tabb 7    
William Shepheard 8    
John Shepheard 23    one foot arms
Elizabeth Randle 5    
Phillip Randle 5    
John Lakeman 5    
John Lidstone &    
Jo Luck 5    
John Osburne gentl[eman] 4    
John Shepheard &    
Jo Bevell 3    
Thomas Cornish Junr 16    one foot arms
Richard Langman 10    
Jane Pearse 9    
John Roupe gentl[eman] 15    
Impri[mi]s Thomas Stephens gentl[eman] 150    one
Ann Petersfeild 21-15    one foot arms
John Phillips 9-10    
Thomas Harvey 12-10    
James Ewins 6-5    
Samuell Harris 12-10    one foot arms
Francis Edwards 12-10    
for theire estate in Bigbury25-00    
Assest then to farryners: nyne foot arms    
And to tynners: £150 to horse and two foot arms    
Richard Morgan Constable    
James Wakeham Constable    
Thomas Cornish Senr Assistant    
Thomas Cornish Junr Assistant    
John Phillips Assistant    
xxxxx xxxxx Assistant    [Illegible]

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]