Z1/43/6/21 West Alvington, Stanborough Hundred

Aug[us]t 22d 1715. The vallue of all the estates lyable to the charge of foot armes within the said parish of West Allington as followeth viz

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s)    
William Gilbert Gent93-10-0    two mens arms
Rebecca Lome03-05    
Rebecca Pinwell03-05    
Mary Lapthorne& her sister80-00    two mens arms
Roger Quarrumfor Woodhouse04-10    
John Hingstonefor Court03-00    
Will Halseor assig[ne]e03-00    
Mrs Eliz Ford06-10    
John Hingston03-00    
Will Perrett Esqr50-00    one mans arms
Robert Browne50-00    one mans arms
Aaron Baker Viccar26-15    one mans arms
William Dyer Esqr16-00    
James Adams12-10    
John Winter01-10    
Mrs Joane Birdwood50-00    one mans arms
Robert Bastard16-10    one mans arms
Walter Browne12-10    
John Luscombe08-00    
The occ[upier] of Cattspath 02-10    
John Westway02-10    
Richd Pearsefor the Slades03-10    
William Dyer Esqr04-10    
Christopher Pridham15-10    one mans arms
Edward Dory&    
Edmd Bastard15-10    
Roger Quarrumfor Yarnecombe11-10    
Richard Putt07-10    
William Pearse50-00    one mans arms
John Pearse'sassignes24-10    one mans arms
Joseph Pearse'sassignes03-10    
Rebecca Lome10-00    
Philip Randell03-05    
Will Pearseof Easton04-10    
The occ[upier] of Poole tenement 03-00    
Martin Froudsassignes01-05    
Jacob Philipps19-00    one mans arms
Abraham Gilbert Gent12-00    
John Oldriffe04-00    
Will Dyer Esqr09-05    
Robt Pearse'sassignes02-10    
Will Mitchell03-00    
Mary Gilbert01-10    
Philip Kingfor Lukes estate01-00    
Mr Jonas Holeditch24-00    one mans arms
John Yeab'sassignes10-15    
Geo Yeab'sassignes10-15    
John Hingstonsassignes04-10    
John Hawkins25-10    one mans arms
John Hingston, Mercer11-10    
Edward Manning08-00    
Roger Mills01-10    
Honor Stidstone01-10    
James Luckham02-00    
John Phillips37-10    one mans arms
John Elliott06-05    
John Adams06-05    
Isaac Philips&    
Nath Philipsassignes43-00    one mans arms
George Gillard03-10    
Richard Cranch03-10    
John Luke'sassig[ne]s43-05    100 [=two mens arms]
William Symmons37-10    
Edw[ar]d Angier08-05    
Rich[ar]d Jarvis'sassignes08-00    
Robert Perrett Gent05-00    [the total for this Group is £102]
John Luccraft25-00    one mans arms
Thomas Squire12-10    
The occ[upier] of Joseph Bastardsestate12-10    
Peter Ryder Gent25-00    one mans arms
John Quarrum'sassignes12-00    
John Jarvis06-05    
Philip Lome06-15    
The vallue of those estates that are charged to the horse within o[u]r parrish as followeth     
William Bastard Esqr110    horse
Arthur Tremaine Esqr110    horse
John Speccott Esqr059    horse
The Rectory 080    horse
John Bear Esqr002-15    horse
George Parker Esqr010-10    horse
Will Dyce Esqr026-05    horse
Will Ilbert Esqr080-00    horse
John Cholwill Gent his assignes charged for one foot souldier to the Tinners050-00    tinner; ones mans arms
[endorsed on back 'West Allington 21 men']    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]