Z1/43/7/4 Milton Abbot, Tavistock Hundred

An assesment taxed on all the severall bartons lands & tenements within the parish of Milton Abbott to fereners together with the particular names of the owners and vallue of every particular estate this twenty fowerth daye of October Anno 1715

Name (and title)Further detailsAmount    
(£ s)    
Mr William Salmon v[ica]r50    muskett
Mr Elias Peircefor the Sheat50    pike
Thomas Nicholas&    
Pearse Edgcomb gentfor part of Leigh50    musket
John Tookerfor Langbrooke14    pike
John Coramfor Shortborn08    
Richard Doidg gent for Old Milton12 10    
Thomas Nicholas&    
Pears Edgcomb gent for Blendwell10 10    
John Tookerfor Harragro05    
Nicholas Edgcomb gent for part of Leigh25    musket
Thomas Edgcomb gent &    
John Trehanefor Milton Down17    
Danyell Hawkinsfor Youckcot08    
George Fortescue gent for Ford25    muskett
John TookerEndsleigh18    
Richard Maynerdfor Foghanger07    
John Robinsfor Chillaton14    muskett
The same for the Barton22    
Thomas Bickellfor Bradtown04    
Thomas Bowdillefor Chillaton05    
Willill [*] Daw&    [* perhaps in error for William]
Edward Tookerfor Quither05    
Joseph Maynerdand    
Agnus Maynerdfor Chillaton16    musket
The same for Harrabrookwals08 10    [smudged]
Richard Maynerdfor Kittaburrow4 10    
The occupiers of Narracott 16    
Richard Tookerfor Wilsley Mills05    
Richard Hawkinsfor Upaton12 10    musket
the same for Metherell10 00    
Joan Kinsmanfor Westcot2 10    [entry interpolated]
Mary Landerand    
Ralph Souther12 10    
Thomas Badlamfor Upaton12 10    
William Fortescue Esq and the holders for Hardacot37    muskett
John Rundlefor Quether08    
John Craftfor Churchtowne05    
Henry Warrenfor Newton10    muskett
Dorothy Woodmanfor Newton08 15    
the same for Churchtown05    
Olliver Vawdon& the holders for Newton08 15    
John Axworthy&    
Grace Axworthyfor Southcome08 15    
John Axworthy&    
James Jordanfor Newton08 15    
Mr [no forename] Calmadyand the holders for Edgcomb & Downpark08    muskett
John Norrishfor Edgcomb07    
Thomas Edgcomb gent for Edgcomb & Merryland09    
Alexander Tremeerfor Churchtowne07    
Elizabeth Littlejohn&    
Henry Crabbfor Edgcomb06    
John Coramfor Shortborn08    
John Adamsfor Churchtown05    
Gabriell Edgcombfor Langbrook25    muskett
Alexander Tremeerfor Churchtowne05    
Mr Henry Doidgefor Shortborn05    
John WoodmanChurchtown05    
Elizabeth Turner10    
Robert Bickellfor Leay09    muskett[amount altered]
the same for Badpark05    
Thomas Bickellfor Quether08    
George Smith&    
Thomas Bowdillyfor Bradtown12    
John Peircefor Ford10    [amount altered]
Henry Collenfor Langskerry06    
Henry Tremeerfor Langskerry14    muskett
Henry Egberfor Poflet04    
William Doidgefor Upaton13    
John Burrowfor Bradtown03    
Margerett Burrow02    
John Bennettfor Kerdwill07    
George Coramfor Kerdwill05    
John Coramfor Poflett02    
John Doidgefor Weeke20    muskett
the same for Weekmare Land05    
William Doidgefor Weeke20    
John Kinsmanfor Westcott05    
Thomas Harperfor Bear08    musket
Phillip Hawkinsfor Bear08    
John Coramfor Foghanger09    
the same for Poflet Parke05    
John Axworthyfor Southcome08    
The occupiers of Youngcott & Oldehouse 07    
The occupiers of Engwill 05    
Elizabeth Skellyfor Weeke20    muskett
Stephin Speteguefor Week20    
Edward Hawkinsfor Chillaton05    
Thomas Parsonfor Churchtown05    
William Jackmanand    
Margeret Jackmanfor Bickwill12    musket
The occupiers of Rebecka Sowtonsestate in Wescot11    
Stephin Spetegue&    
Moab Vigorsfor Westcot05    
The occupiers of Roger Doidgestenement for Westcot02    
John Kinsmanfor Westcot06 10    
The occupiers of [no forename] Curkeetestenement in Westcot06 10    
William Hernfor Westcott07    
William Fortescue Esqr & the holders of Tuell14    pike
Daniell Hawkinsfor Youncket10    
Richard Jackmanfor Bowhayes tenement02    
John Littlejohnfor Tuell09    
The occupiers of Crosparke 05    
The occupiers of Shortbornparke 10    
William Doidgefor Burnshall20    pike
Richard Maynerdfor Narracot09    
John Peircefor Chillaton08    
Richard Hawkinsfor Chillaton08    
Jane Doidgefor Quether05    
John Hartfor Beckaton15    pike
Mary Bennett wid for Foghanger11    
Samuell Martinfor Foghanger09    
John Tookerfor Bate Parke05    
John Coramfor Foghanger05    
Moab Vigorsfor Westcot05    
William Maynerdfor Combe10    pike
Mr Henry Doidgefor Combe10    
Gabriell Edgcombfor Olde Milton09    
Thomas Drakefor Olde Milton09    
Bartholomew Maynerdfor Churchtowne05    
Richard Hawkinsfor Kerdwill07    
Richard Tookerfor Wilsleay13    muskett
Mary Tooker wid for Wilsleay14    
Pascow Wardfor Wilsley07    
Sampson Vealefor Wilsley07    
James Reedfor Ford09    
John Tookerfor Langbrooke14    pike
Richard Tookerfor Wilsleay14    
John Tookerfor Poflet06    
The same for Elwill09    
Danyell Hawkinsfor Leay07    
Mrs Prothesia Edgcombfor Edgcomb & Merryland18    muskett
Thomas Edgcomb gent for Edgcomb & Churchtown12    
Richard Tookerfor Over Edgcombe08    
Mr Pears Edgcombfor Elwill07    
Thomazin Parsonfor parte of Edgcomb05    
Mr John Doidgefor Quether25    pike
William Hernfor Bromehill02    
William Edgcombfor Quether08    
Catharin Prestonfor Westcot06    
William Dawfor Quether09    
Pasco WardConstabel    
John WoodmanConstabel    
Richard SpettigueConstabel    
Assessed twenty seven foot soldiers ferrinors    

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as 'fifties', each responsible for providing one or more soldiers; in the transcript, the fifties are separated by grey bands; see Section 2 of the Commentary, The documents described.]