Oaths sworn at Kings Arms, Tavistock, 19 October 1714 before Francis Drake, John Rogers barts, George Parker, James Bulteel, Henry Manaton, Thomas Prestwood, and Richard Edwards esqs and Thomas Pyne MD

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session. The words "The Abjuration Oath" are written down the page beside the names of William Gee, John Stokes, Samuel Ley and Jacob Sandercock

Thomas Martin (Martyn), esq [Signed]
John Tisdale (Teasdale), clerk [Signed]
John Evely (Eveleigh), clerk [Signed]
Peter Burnaford, clerk [Signed]
George Commins (Comyns), clerk [Signed]
William Harris, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Pocock, clerk [Signed]
William Gee, clerk [Signed]
John Stokes, clerk [Signed]
Samuel Ley, clerk [Signed]
Jacob Sandercock [Signed]
William Crocker (Croker), gent [Signed]
William Spry [Signed]
Henry Luxmore (Luxmoore) [Signed]
Thomas Hurrel (Hurrell), clerk [Signed]
Arthur Robinson, clerk [Signed]
Henry Pingelly, clerk [Not signed]
John Herring, clerk [Signed]
John Creed, clerk [Signed]
Nathaniel Beard, clerk [Signed]
Henry Risdon, clerk [Signed]
John Jago, clerk [Signed]
Christopher Furneaux, clerk [Signed]
Hugh Pine (Pyne), gent [Signed]
Thomas Edgcumbe (Edgecombe), gent [Signed]
Sir Francis Drake, bart [Signed]
George Parker, esq [Signed]
Stephen Newell [Signed]
Richard Hazard [Signed]
Thomas How [Signed]
Israel Stafford [Signed]
Richard Bold [Signed]
John Bennett [Signed]
Ralph Sershall [Signed]
Thomas Witherhill (Wetherill) [Signed]
Edmund Weedon [Signed]
Jethro Brown [Signed]
Thomas Linzey (Linzee) [Signed]
Robert Frost [Signed]
John Philips (Phillips) [Signed]
Robert Younge (Young) [Signed]
James Beverly (Beverley) [Signed]
John Perry [Marked]
Jonathan Randle (Randall) [Signed]
James Bulteel (Bulteell), esq [Signed]
John Wall [Signed]
William Rownsevall (Rounsivell) [Signed]
Nicholas Hockaday [Signed]
Edward Cole [Signed]
William Stigant [Signed]
Bryan Twissetton (Twisleton) [Signed]
John Brann [Signed]
Arthur Lumley [Signed]
Thomas Doige (Doidge) [Signed]
George Treby, esq [Signed]
Samuel White [Signed]
John Richards [Signed]
William Lapthorne (Lapthorn) [Signed]
Phillip Matthews (Mathews) [Signed]
William Steel (Steele) [Signed]
John Evans [Signed]
Robert Woolner [Signed]
Robert Preston [Signed]
Ebenezer Creswell [Signed]
Christopher Short [Signed]
William Dutchborn (Dutchburn) [Signed]
Endymion Porter [Signed]
Henry Hatt [Signed]
Walter Davies (Davys) [Signed]
Charles Pope [Signed]
Charles Long [Signed]
William More [Marked]
Thomas Gibbs [Signed]
John Hickson [Signed]
James Bruce [Signed]
Patrick Power [Signed]
George Pearse (Perce) [Signed]
John Trotle [Signed]
Thomas Still [Signed]
Edward Pinnrose [Signed]
John Rowe (Row) [Signed]
Thomas Taylor (Tayler) [Signed]
Richard Macey [Signed]
John Coyes [Signed]
William Fellowes [Signed]
William Skeffinton (Skeffington) [Signed]
Elias Lyney (Liney) [Signed]
John Thomas [Signed]
John Floud (Flood) [Signed]
John Southwell [Signed]
Nicholas Ardrin [Signed]
Hugh Hathaway [Signed]
William Baker [Signed]
John Yollup [Signed]
William Sherwood [Signed]
Peter Wyatt [Signed]
Jonathan Poulding (Poulden) [Signed]
Richard Beale [Signed]
William Andrews [Signed]
Phillip Reed [Signed]
Richard Phineas [Signed]
Thomas Hipwell [Signed]
David Hyde [Signed]
Walter Dodemead [Signed]
Richard Weston [Signed]
Thomas Fauler (Fawler) [Signed]
John Reed [Signed]
Jerom Barker [Signed]
William Arthur [Signed]
Joseph Maynot (Mynott) [Signed]
William Bacon (Bacone) [Signed]
John Briggs [Signed]
John Pollexfen, esq [Signed]
Reuben Goulding [Signed]
Henry Manaton, esq [Signed]
Benjamin Podd [Signed]
Thomas Pyne, MD [Signed]
Richard Edwards, esq [Signed]
Sir John Rogers, bart [Signed]
William Clobery, esq [Signed]
Henry Pengelly, clerk [Signed]
William Grylls [Signed]
Thomas Prestwood, esq [Signed]
John Harris, esq of Manaton [Signed]
John Banks (Banckes) [Signed]
John Eversly (Eversley) [Signed]
Christopher jun Harris, esq [Signed]