Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 5 October 1714 before Thomas Putt bart and Thomas Bury knt

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

Sir William Courtenay, bart [Signed]
Joseph Davy (Davie), esq of ?Orley [Signed]
William Martyn [Signed]
John Philipps (Philips), clerk of Plymouth [Signed]
Richard Oxenbeer (Oxenbeere), leather officer [Signed]
William Salmon, excise officer [Signed]
Joseph Higginson, salt officer [Signed]
Richard Mountenan (Mounteney), collector of salt [Signed]
Thomas Davy (Davey), waiter of Topsham [Signed]
John Mede (Mead), boatman [Signed]
Richard Sanders (Saunders), landwaiter [Signed]
Peter Ceely, coast surveyor [Signed]
William Orchard, tidesman [Signed]
William Mills [Signed]
John Pinhey (Pinney), boatman [Signed]
John Lathbury, tidesman [Signed]
John Stocker [Signed]
Charles Baker, esq of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Bolitho (Bolithoe), esq of Pinhoe [Signed]
John Besleigh (Besley), clerk of Chawleigh [Signed]
Daniel Nogle, clerk of Cheldon [Signed]
Richard Tompson, clerk of Hennock [Signed]
Richard Cudlipp, clerk of Denbury [Signed]
William Bendal (Bendle), clerk of Trusham [Signed]
Sir Thomas Putt, bart of Combe (in Gittisham) [Signed]
John Burnard, esq of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Tothill, esq [Not signed or marked]
William Hickes (Hicks), Master of Arts [Signed]
Joseph Inglett, gent of Chudleigh [Signed]
John Kemp, boatman [Signed]
John Morrice (Morris), tidesman [Signed]
George Homesby, salt officer [Signed]
William Webber, leather officer [Signed]
Phillip Wannell, leather officer [Signed]
Matthew Atkinson, leather officer [Signed]
Edward Benlaws (Binlawes), collector of leather [Signed]
John Bennett, leather officer [Signed]
Samuel Eastchurch, leather officer [Signed]
Phillip Wolcombe (Woollcombe), clerk of Zeal Monachorum [Signed]
Robert Shortridge, clerk of Clannaborough [Signed]
Thomas Sanford, clerk of Thorverton [Signed]
Thomas Worth, clerk of Washfield [Signed]
Henry Hall (Hawes), clerk of Stoke Damerel [Altered from Stoke Gabriel] [Signed]
Thomas Lewes, clerk of Chulmleigh [Signed]
John Curtis (Courtice), clerk of Sidmouth [Signed]
Thomas Tucker, gent of Luppitt [Signed]
John Hopping, gent of Otterton [Signed]
Henry Bond, gent of Crediton [Signed]
John Stephens, gent of Denbury [Signed]
George Sanford, clerk [Signed]
Joseph Chilcott, clerk [Signed]
Christopher Sheer (Sheere), gent of Ashreigny [Signed]
John Worth, esq [Signed]
Peter Glubb, gent of Torrington, Great [Signed]
John Harris, esq of Mount Boone (in Dartmouth) [Signed]
William Ilbert, esq of Alvington, West (Bowringsleigh) [Signed]
Samuel Wotton, esq of Harberton (Inglebourne) [Signed]
Matthew Paul, gent of Torrington, Great [Signed]
George Meredith, salt officer [Signed]
James Morrice (Morris), salt officer [Signed]
Thomas Esterigg (Esterigge), salt officer [Signed]
Peter Teage, tidesman [Signed]
Courtenay Croker, esq [Signed]
Robert Younge (Young), tidesman [Signed]
Arthur Champernowne, esq [Signed]
Richard Pryn (Prynn), tidesman [Signed]
Moses Arscott, tidesman [Signed]
Richard Duke, esq of Otterton [Signed]
James Slinger, weigher [Signed]
Richard Chamberlin (Chamberlaine), tidesman [Signed]
John Burrington, esq of Sandford [Signed]
William Bickford, esq of Bradford [Signed]
James Smyth, esq of Torrington, Great [Signed]
William Salmon, clerk [Signed]
John sen Carter, landwaiter [Signed]
Abraham Shearham (?Shearme) [Signed]
Edward Sprague (Sprake), searcher [Signed]
Thomas Symmonds (Simmons), warehousekeeper [Signed]
Thomas Hays, salt officer [Signed]
Charles Howard (Hayword), salt officer [Signed]
Thomas Luscombe, tidesman [Signed]
William Petty, searcher [Signed]
Robert Arbuthnott [Signed]
Robert Morley, tidesman [Signed]
Thomas Smith of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Huxtable, controller of customs [Signed]
Thomas Medcalf, collector of customs [Not signed or marked]
Richard Wood, boatman [Signed]
John Bidgood, esq of Rockbeare [Signed]
Hugh Northcott (Northcote), surveyor of customs [Signed]
Humphry Holloway, landwaiter [Signed]
Robert Hall, salt officer [Signed]
Thomas Borrington (Barrington), surveyor of customs [Signed]
Phillip Spratt, salt officer [Signed]
Sir John Lear, bart [Signed]
Sir Thomas Bury, knt [Signed]
Rawlin Mallock, esq [Signed]
Hugh Pomeroy, esq [Signed]
William Walrond, esq [Signed]
William Bragg, esq [Signed]
John Wood, gent of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Richard Willisford (Willesford), gent of Crediton [Signed]
Abraham Payne, clerk [Signed]
Abraham Frank (Franke), clerk [Signed]