Oaths sworn at ?Seven Stars, St. Thomas (Exeter), 13 October 1714 before Samuel Cook, David Long and Courtenais Croker esqs

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

Nicholas Burrington, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Reynell (Rennell), clerk [Signed]
John Pinsent (Pynsent), clerk [Signed]
John Pitman, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Alden, clerk [Signed]
John Ballman (Balman), clerk [Signed]
William Morrish, schoolmaster [Signed]
Joseph Dunscombe [Signed]
Edward Squire, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Smith, clerk [Signed]
Joseph Shebbeare, clerk [Signed]
Richard Hellier (Helyar), clerk [Signed]
Edmund Granger, clerk [Signed]
George Philips, clerk [Signed]
Nicholas Tripe, clerk [Signed]
Angel Spark (Sparke), dissenting teacher [Signed]
Jelinger Symons, dissenting teacher [Signed]
Jacob Reed (Reade), dissenting teacher [Signed]
Thomas How, dissenting teacher [Signed]
Joseph Tuthill, clerk [Signed]
John Cholwich, esq of Farringdon [Signed]
John Brayne, clerk [Signed]
John Yeo, esq [Signed]
Robert Woolcombe (Wolcombe), clerk [Signed]
William Horsham, dissenter [Signed]
John Harris, gent [Signed]
John Slowley (Sloly) [Signed]
Benjamin Flavel [Signed]
Robert Ridler [Signed]
David Long, esq [Signed]
Edward Wheeler [Signed]
Josias Foot [Signed]
Benjamin Coker [Signed]
John Paty [Signed]
John Wood [Signed]
William Bedborough (Bedbrough) [Signed]
Henry Gatchell [Signed]
Matthew Hall [Signed]
Abraham Parrock [Signed]
James Coleman (Colman) [Signed]
John Dawson [Signed]
Francis Green (Greene) [Signed]
John Logg [Signed]
Edward Milles [Signed]
William Brown [Signed]
James jun Lake [Signed]
Henry Bryant [Signed]
James sen Lake [Signed]
Richard Way [Signed]
Roger Chamberlaine (Chamberlin) [Signed]
Walter Goode [Signed]