Oaths sworn at Barnstable, 26 October 1714 before Henry Northcote, Arthur Chichester barts, John Hacche, Arthur Chichester and Henry Incledon esqs

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

John Browning, clerk [Signed]
Hugh Stevens, clerk [Signed]
John Harris, clerk [Signed]
Martin White (Whight), clerk [Signed]
Bartholomew Phinny (Pinney), clerk [Signed]
Robert Carpenter, clerk [Signed]
Richard Mervin, clerk [Signed]
Walter Stephens, clerk [Signed]
John Drake, gent [Signed]
Walter Mules, clerk [Signed]
Martin Samford (Sanford), clerk [Signed]
Luke Glubb, clerk [Signed]
Benjamin Honycombe (Honycombe), clerk [Signed]
William Prince, clerk [Signed]
John Elmistone (Elmeston), clerk [Signed]
Daniel Cory, clerk [Signed]
Sir Henry Northcote, bart [Signed]
John Hacche, esq [Signed]
Arthur Chichester, esq [Signed]
Joshua Tucker, gent [Signed]
James Collins [Signed]
John Fellors [Signed]
William Hunt [Signed]
William Hender [Signed]
John Stevens (Stephens) [Signed]
John Hopkins [Signed]
John Alchorne [Signed]
John Stradling [Signed]
John Playce [Signed]
John Hore (Hoare) [Signed]
Richard Bear (Beare) [Signed]
William Webb [Signed]
Edward Roberts [Signed]
George Blake, clerk [Signed]
Richard Harding, clerk [Signed]
Richard Harvey, clerk [Signed]
George Fairchild, clerk [Signed]
Daniel Caunieres, clerk [Signed]
Roger Rosier, clerk [Signed]
Christopher Boyce (Boyse), clerk [Signed]
Francis Vicary (Vickry), clerk [Signed]
Benjamin Mills [Signed]
William Paulk (Palke) [Signed]
Eliezer Hancock [Signed]
William Downe, gent [Signed]
John Blackmore (Blackmor), clerk [Signed]
Richard Horwood [Signed]
Bartholomew Wortley [Signed]
Samuel Barlow [Signed]
Phillip Coombe [Signed]
Walter Palmer [Signed]
John Hepworth [Signed]
Edward Morrice (Morris) [Signed]
Michael Preter [Signed]
Samuel Archer (Archar) [Signed]
Joseph Somister (Somaster) [Signed]
Richard Robinson [Signed]
William Harper [Signed]
Ambrose Manaton [Signed]
Joseph Skase [Signed]
George Crump (Crumpe) [Signed]
Humphry Marshall [Signed]
Thomas Good [Signed]
John Lee [Signed]
Thomas Careless [Signed]
Joshua Barret (Barrett) [Signed]
Richard North [Signed]
John Shapley [Signed]
John Jones [Signed]
Humphry Price [Signed]
Sir Arthur Chichester, bart [Signed]
Henry Incledon, esq [Signed]
William Harris, esq [Signed]
Edward Harlowine [Signed]