Oaths sworn at Golden Lion, Honiton, 8 November 1714 before Thomas Putt bart, Charles Vaughan, John Harris, Hugh Stafford and Robert Bluett

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

Richard Long, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Potbury, clerk [Signed]
Peter Fisher, clerk [Signed]
John French, clerk [Signed]
Maximilian Woolcot (Wolcot), clerk [Signed]
Thomas Hall, clerk curate [Signed]
Robert Rous, clerk [Signed]
Gilbert Langdon, clerk [Signed]
George Portbury, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Thorne, clerk [Signed]
James Wilkinson, clerk [Signed]
George Drake, clerk [Signed]
James Ackland (Acland), clerk [Signed]
Richard Balster, clerk [Signed]
Joseph Gilling, clerk [Signed]
John Edwards, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Cook (Cooke), clerk [Signed]
Charles Tarleton (Tarlton), clerk [Signed]
William Height (Hite), clerk [Signed]
John Ravenhill, gent [Signed]
William Row (Rowe), clerk [Signed]
Robert Stokes, clerk [Signed]
George Townson, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Courtis (Courtice), gent [Signed]
Maximilian jun Woolcot (Wolcot) [Signed]
James [Surname illegible], clerk [Not signed]
William Youatt (Youatt), Clerk dissenter [Signed]
Thomas Forester, clerk [Signed]
Edward Bishop, dissenter [Signed]
John Rosewell, dissenting teacher [Signed]
William Salter, clerk [Signed]
John Burrough, clerk [Signed]
William Sweeting, clerk [Signed]
William Dryman, clerk [Signed]
Nicholas Harris, clerk [Signed]
John Ware (Were), gent [Signed]
William Franck (Franke), clerk [Signed]
Charles Harwood (Harward), clerk [Signed]
John Knight, clerk [Signed]
Edward Reeks, clerk [Signed]
James Stewart, clerk [Signed]
John Burford, dissenter [Signed]
John Hussey [Signed]
Matthias Vawter [Signed]
Bampfield Drake [Signed]
Hugh Stafford, esq [Signed]
John Harward, esq [Signed]
Robert Bluet (Bluett), esq [Signed]
Henry Mitchell [Signed]
Andrew Kinsman [Signed]
Thomas Elmes [Signed]
John James [Signed]
John Parrock [Signed]
Joseph Merson [Signed]
William Parrat (Parratt) [Signed]
William Bennet [Signed]
William Martyn, esq, CP [Signed]
James Sheppard, gent [Signed]
Richard Gill (Gill), gent [Signed]
Thomas Hewes, gent [Signed]
Evan Lewelyn (Lewelin) [Signed]
John Keen [Signed]
John Edwards [Signed]
Chambers Wilson (Willson) [Signed]
David Mead [Signed]
Nathaniel Mallack [Signed]
Ellis Cox [Signed]
Alexander Weedon [Signed]
Robert Harper [Signed]
Francis Somaster [Signed]
Thomas Courtenay [Signed]
Aldred Seaman [Signed]
James Beere [Signed]
John Ripley [Signed]
Thomas Amy (Amey) [Signed]
Richard Morrice [Signed]
John Sell [Signed]