Oaths sworn at Golden Dragon, Axminster, 9 November 1714 before William Pole bart, Richard Hallet, William Bragg, William Waldrond and Clement Bowdage

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

William Langford, clerk [Signed]
John Ashford (Ayshford), clerk [Signed]
Edward Row (Rowe), clerk [Signed]
Sir William Pole, bart [Signed]
Richard Hallet (Hallett), esq [Signed]
Thomas Cook, clerk [Signed]
Michael Downe, clerk [Signed]
Nicholas Lockier (Lockyer), clerk [Signed]
Charles Hopping, clerk [Signed]
William Keate, clerk [Signed]
Robert Cole, clerk [Signed]
George Tomkins, clerk [Signed]
Stephen Towgood, dissenting teacher [Signed]
Jerom Maynard, dissenting teacher [Signed]
William Upcott, gent [Signed]
James Duning (Dunning), gent [Signed]
Clement Bowdage, esq [Signed]
George Blagdon, gent [Signed]
William Gill, gent [Signed]
Henry Hodge [Signed]
Mark Little [Signed]
William Langford [Signed]
Richard Barnes [Signed]