Oaths sworn at South Molton, 23 November 1714 before John Hacche and Arthur Chichester esqs

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session.

John Richards, clerk [Signed]
John Sponer, clerk [Signed]
Roger Hunt, clerk [Signed]
Joseph Prust, clerk [Signed]
William Churchward, clerk [Signed]
William Bamfield (Bampfield), clerk [Signed]
William Bear, clerk [Signed]
Walter Stephens, clerk [Signed]
Abraham Brandscombe (Branscombe), clerk [Signed]
Francis Tucker, clerk [Signed]
John Bragge, clerk [Signed]
James Henwood, clerk [Signed]
Humphry Webber, clerk [Signed]
Humphry Sanders (Saunders), clerk [Signed]
Edward Bamfield (Bampfield), clerk [Signed]
Morgan Cooke, clerk [Signed]
John Quick, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Nott, gent [Signed]
John Renphrey, clerk [Signed]
James Colley, clerk [Signed]
John Harder, clerk [Signed]
Thomas Earle, clerk [Signed]
William Paige, esq [Signed]
John Peirce [Signed]