Oaths sworn at Holsworthy, 1 November 1714 before Samuel Rolle, Arthur Arscott, William Bickford and Abraham Denis esq

Only the abjuration oath and the declaration against transubstantiation were administered at this session. Noted that "The thirty & three last named took only the abjuration oath above written" (i.e. from William Kington to George Down"). The names on this membrane are entered once only (as signatures).

Sir Nicholas Morice, bart of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Samuel Roole, esq of Petrockstowe (Heanton) [Signed]
Arthur Arscott, esq of Tetcott [Signed]
Abraham Denis, esq of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Joseph Hinks (Hincks) [Signed]
George Chaplin (Chaplain) [Signed]
Charles Williams [Signed]
Richard Caple (Capel) [Signed]
Richard Dunning [Signed]

The nine above named took the oathes of Allegiance & supramcy & the test & abjuration oath

William Kingford, rector of Parkham [Signed]
John Bayly, rector of Pyworthy [Signed]
Henry ?Hewborough, rector of Virginstow [Signed]
Mark Facy [Signed]
George Lissant of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Samuel Langford of Tetcott [Signed]
John Bradford, rector of Torrington, Black [Signed]
William Richardson, rector of Poughill & Stockleigh English [Signed]
Dennis Rolle, rector of Merton [Signed]
Samuel Rowse, rector of Huish [Signed]
John Jolliffe, clerk of Abbots Bickington [Signed]
John [query], rector of Bradford [Signed]
William Whiteborne, curate of Beaworthy [Signed]
James Silke, vicar of Bridgerule [Signed]
Anthony Welsh, curate of Torrington, Little [Signed]
Thomas Marten, rector of Halwill [Signed]
John Watkins of Ashbury [Signed]
John Herring, rector of Highampton [Signed]
Edward Bradford, rector of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Richard Eastway, rector of Luscombe [Signed]
Richard Stone, vicar of Bradworthy [Signed]
Christopher Michell, rector of Ashwater [Signed]
E Whitborne, rector of Langtree [Signed]
John Braddon, rector of Luffincott [Signed]
Isaac Richard, curate of Holsworthy [Signed]
Joseph Spettigue, rector of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Daniel Warren of Holsworthy [Signed]
Laurence Harward of Welcombe [Signed]
Onesiphorus Sheere of Huish (Lovistone) [Signed]
Gideon Edmonds, rector of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Anthony Gregory, rector of Putford, West [Signed]
William Maynard, rector of Thornbury [Signed]
George Downe [Signed]