Oaths sworn at Newton Bushell, 5 January 1715 before John Lear bart, Rawlin Mallock and William Bogan esqs

John Prince, vicar of Berry Pomeroy [Signed]
Thomas Renal (Renell), rector of Ogwell, East [Signed]
John Sweetin (Sweeting), rector of Ideford [Signed]
Peter Osborn (Osborne), vicar of Stoke Gabriel [Signed]
John Bourne, curate of Highweek [Signed]
Walter Stephens, rector of Teigngrace [Signed]
John Acland, schoolmaster of Ashburton [Signed]
Cornelius Bond, dissenting minister of Ashburton [Signed]
Francis Milman, vicar of Paignton [Signed]
Samuel Whalley, vicar of Broadhempston [Signed]
John Holwell, rector of Torbryan [Signed]
Nicholas Rooke, rector of Dartington [Signed]
Jacob Nosworthy, gent of Totnes [Signed]
Walter Elford, rector of Wolborough [Signed]
Isaac Gilling, dissenting minister of Wolborough [Signed]
Arthur Sheers, minister of Woodland [Signed]
Joseph Trennick (Trenike), curate of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Solomon jun Tozer, constable of Hundred of Teignbridge [Signed]
George Hunt, hundred constable of Hundred of Teignbridge [Signed]
John Smerdon, schoolmaster of Ashburton [Signed]
Hugh Smerdon, schoolmaster of Ashburton [Signed]
Benjamin Whicker, custom house officer of Tarkee (Torquay?) [Signed]
Emanuel Whidon (Whiddon), custom house officer of Brixham [Signed]
Jesper Simons (Symons), constable of Ashton [Signed]
Theophilus Blachford (Blatchford), constable of Ashton [Signed]
John Narramore, hundred constable of Haytor Hundred [Signed]
Phillip Edwards, hundred constable of Haytor Hundred [Signed]
John Bawdon, hundred constable of Exminster [Hundred] [Signed]
Joseph Collings, constable of Hennock [Signed]
William Bearne, constable of Hennock [Signed]
Francis Rackwood, constable of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Walter Mortimore (Mortemoor), constable of Manaton [Signed]
Sidraac Christophers (Christopher), constable of Bovey, North [Signed]
Gilbert Tilley (Tully), constable of Paignton [Signed]
Otho Rider (Ryder), constable of Paignton [Signed]
Clement Matthews, constable of Cockington [Marked "M"]
Robert Follett, constable of Cockington [Signed]
Lancelot Putt, constable of Brixham [Signed]
James Arthur, constable of Ashcombe [Signed]
John Parr (Parr), constable of Ashcombe [Signed]
John Wallish (Wallies), constable of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Elias Weamouth (Weymouth), constable of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Thomas Smerdon, hundred constable of Haytor Hundred [Signed]
[Forename unclear] Rich, constable of Coffinswell [Marked] [Page torn. Forename missing.]
George Sampson, constable of Coffinswell [Signed]
John Brayne, vicar of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
[Forename unclear] ...leer, constable of Tormoham [Marked] [Page torn. Name illegible.]
John Parr, constable of Chudleigh [Signed]
John Wills, constable of Chudleigh [Signed]
John Pike, constable of Chudleigh [Signed]
Bartholomew Prowse, constable of Chudleigh [Marked]
Thomas ?Gante (Gaunt), constable of Teignmouth [Signed]
Josias Breker (Bracker), constable of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Henry Call, portreeve of Wolborough [Marked "HC"]
Roger Goodridge of Berry Pomeroy [Signed]
Elias Andrews of Berry Pomeroy [Signed]
Thomas Vening of Ogwell, East [Marked "T"]
William Bulley of Ipplepen [Signed]
John Bully (Bulley) of Ipplepen [Signed]
Vincent Andrew of Widecombe [Withecombe/Wythecombe] [Signed]
Thomas Shepherd (Sheppard), excise officer [Signed]
James Lloyd, excise officer [Signed]
William Bear (Beare), excise officer [Signed]
John Rowe, vicar of Holne [Signed]
Samuel Leightfoot (Lightfoot) of Moretonhampstead [Signed]
James Churchward (Churchwod) of Stoke Gabriel [Signed]
John Lear (Leere) of Bickington [Signed]
John Vallance, hundred constable of Wonford South [Hundred] [Signed]
Henry Searl, constable of Torbryan [Marked]
John Coase, constable of Torbryan [Signed]
Thomas Balkwell (Balkewill), constable of Torbryan [Signed]
John Crews, constable of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
Paul Pomery (Pomeroy), constable of Brixham [Signed]
Elias Waymouth, constable of St. Marychurch [?Marked]
Isaac Peatle (Peatell), constable of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Codner, constable of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Tripe, constable of Dawlish [Signed]
Richard During, constable of Dawlish [Marked]
William Cridford, constable of Trusham [Signed]
Richard Hole of Trusham [Signed]
John Lang, constable of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Benedict Underhay, constable of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Phillip Wills of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
John Wilkin, constable of Teignmouth, East [?Marked]
William During, constable of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Davy Sheppherd, constable of Ipplepen [Signed]
Thomas Mudge, constable of Littlehempston [Marked]
Robert Adams, constable of Ashburton [Signed]
John Tozer, constable of Lustleigh [Marked "I"]
James Salter, vicar of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Edmund Pearce, vicar of Staverton [Signed]
John Churchward of Stoke Gabriel [Signed]
John Cocking, minister of Kingskerswell [Signed]
John Barter, constable of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Nicholas Heardon (Harell), constable of Ashburton [Signed]
John Rowe (Row), constable of St. Nicholas [Signed]
Thomas Perebridge, constable of Bickington [Marked "T"]
William Gilldon (Gildon), constable of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Nicholas Searle, constable of Kingsteignton [Signed]
George Battin, constable of Kingsteignton [Marked]
Richman Goodwin, custom house officer of Dartmouth [Signed]
Robert Crossing, constable of Ogwell, West [Signed]
John Bearn, constable of Broadhempston [Marked "J"]
Bartholomew Steer, constable of Highweek [Marked "B"]
John Lang, constable of St. Nicholas [Marked "X"]
William Clement, constable of Staverton [Signed]
Gilbert Geal (Gale), constable of Teigngrace [Signed]
John Bowdon, constable of Woodland [Signed]
Thomas Coose (Cowse), constable of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
James Cole, constable of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
John Wilkin (Wilking) of Bishopsteignton [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
John Wotton of Abbotskerswell [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
Peter Gotham [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
Richard Tucker, constable of Ideford [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
George Beardon, constable of Wolborough [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
Samuel Strong, constable of Wolborough [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
John Chapple (Chappell) of Wolborough [Signed] [Page damaged. Forename taken from signature.]
Joseph Delve, constable of Wolborough [Signed]
John Bowdon, constable of Ilsington [Signed]
Stephen Poole, constable of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
John Samford, constable of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "IS"]
Andrew Payne, constable of Doddiscombsleigh [Signed]
Richard Stephens of Denbury [Signed]