Oaths sworn at Meavy, 20 January 1715 before Thomas Pyne, William Ilbert and John Elford esqs

Thomas Hurrell, rector of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Christopher Furneaux, vicar of Whitchurch [Signed]
Thomas Pocock, rector of Peter Tavy [Signed]
John Creed, vicar of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Tisdal (Teasdale), vicar of Marystow [Signed]
Benjamin Honycombe, rector of Weare Gifford [Signed]
John Bragg (Bragge), curate of Fremington [Signed]
John Doidge of Lamerton [Signed]
John Jago, curate of Sampford Spiney [Signed]
Nathaniel Beard, vicar of Tavistock [Signed]
William Salmon, vicar of Milton Abbot [Signed]
William Harris, rector of Lifton [Signed]
Thomas jun Hurrell, curate of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Boyle Davyes (Davies), rector of Worlington, East [Signed]
William Gee, vicar of Walkhampton [Signed]
Pollexfen Drake [Signed]
Richard Cudlipp, rector of Denbury [Signed]
Peter Buneford (Burnaford), curate of Lydford [Signed]
John Nathan Tickle, vicar of Wythecombe [Signed]
William Mallett (Mallet), esq of ?Grafton [Signed]
Henry Hake, curate of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Jacob Sandercock of Tavistock [Signed]
Richard Willesford, gent of Tavistock [Signed]
Richard Doidge, curate of Meavy [Signed]
John Lovering of Weare Gifford [Signed]
John Willesford of Tavistock [Not signed or marked]
Ambrose Ryder, hundred constable of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
John Stephens, constable of Roborough hundred of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John King, schoolmaster of Bere Ferrers [signed "John King schoole m of ye Borrough of Beer Alston"]
Charles Trehern (Trehearne) of St. Dominick (Cornwall) [Signed]
John Geard (Gaurd) of Coryton [Signed]
Michael Doidge of Bere Ferrers [Marked "M"]
William Cole of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
John Crymes (Crimes) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Degory King, gent of Bere Ferrers [Signed]