Oaths sworn at Rostock, Pilton, 2 November 1715 before Arthur Chichester bart and Henry Incledon esqs

John Pulman of Countisbury [Signed]
John Gonning of Parracombe [Signed]
Thomas Daling of Challacombe [Signed]
George Somers of Fremington [Signed]
John Rendle of Brendon [Signed]
William Balle of Countisbury [Signed]
James Knill of Fremington [Signed]
John Harris of "Carless" [?Charles] [Signed]
William Burch of Martinhoe [Signed]
George Crocombe of Arlington [Signed]
Thomas Sampson of Horwood [Signed]
William Garleford of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
Richard Warren of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
Christopher Buckingham of Buckland, East [Signed]
William Avery of Buckland, West [Signed]
Phillip Rowe of Tawstock [Signed]
Phillip Bale of Down, West [Signed]
John Boyle of Down, East [Signed]
John Sweet of Georgeham [Signed]
William Baxter of Georgeham [Signed]
William Green of Alscombe [Signed]
Francis Saunders of Tawstock [Marked]
Michael Murphy of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Thomas May of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
James Malland of Huntshaw [Marked]
John Shaddock of Swimbridge [Marked "I"]
Henry Gitt of Swimbridge [Signed]
William Fore of Shirwell [Signed]
Jonas Pegsley of Loxhore [Signed]
Bartholomew Wilmots of Filleigh [Marked "+"]
Thomas Graddon of Roborough [Signed]
Christopher Trout of Braunton [Marked "CT"]
Henry Alford of Roborough [Marked "H"]
Laurence Vawdon of St. Giles in the Wood [Marked]
Henry Snell of ?St. Giles [Signed]
William Blake of Sherwill Hundred [Signed]
Gregory Davy of Landkey [Marked]
Pascho Troot of Landkey [Marked]
Bartholomew Stapledon of Instow [Signed]