Oaths sworn at St Thomas Apostle, 15 December 1715 before John Elwill knt & bart, Bampfield Rodd, John Gibbs and Samuel Cooke

Richard Troyte, rector of Silverton [Signed]
Thomas Lydgould (Lidgould), rector of Rewe [Signed]
Thomas Parr, rector of Bovey, North [Signed]
William Sweeting, vicar of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Edward Bradford, rector of Huxham [Signed]
John Bastard, constable of Kenton [Signed]
John Thomas of Kenton [Not signed or marked]
John Benjer of Kenton [Not signed or marked]
Giles Kniton of Kenton [Not signed or marked]
Abel Perry, constable of Heavitree [Marked]
Richard Hicman of Heavitree [?Marked]
John Stroubridge of Heavitree [?Marked]
John Squire (Squier) of Heavitree [Signed]
Thomas Enon, constable of Sowton [Signed]
John ?Herdot Haren of Sowton [Signed]
Richard Packer, constable of Rewe [Signed]
William Tremlett of Rewe [Marked]
Joseph Veal (Veale), esq [Signed]
John Hamley, gent of Exminster [Signed]
Thomas Tucker (Tooker) of Chagford [Signed]
Bowdon Best, constable of Whitestone [Signed]
Burnell Tounsend (Townsend) of Whitestone [Signed]
John Bawdon of Whitestone [Signed]
Edward Lashbrook (Lashbrooke), constable of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Voysey of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Gabriel Prowse of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Gannicliff (Gannicliffe) of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Robert Baker, constable of Topsham [Marked]
John Pudner of Topsham [Signed]
Hugh Holman, constable of Bridford [Signed]
Jacob Bawdon of Bridford [Signed]
John Strong, constable of Cheriton Bishop [Signed]
Richard Tozer of Cheriton Bishop [Signed]
George Mortimore (Mortimer), constable of Dunsford [Signed]
Thomas Morish (Morrice) of Dunsford [Signed]
John Dingle jun of Dunsford [Signed]
Robert Cunnett, constable of Holcombe Burnell [Not signed or marked]
Thomas Downe, constable of Stoke Canon [Signed]
John Kennwood, constable of Powderham [Not signed or marked]
Thomas Collihall, constable of Drewsteignton [Signed]
John Tucker, constable of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Christopher Dicker, constable of Shillingford [St. George] [Marked] [Residence entered as "Shillingford". "Shillingford St. George" inferred from 1723 entry.]
Thomas Vooght, constable of Dunchideock [Signed]
Thomas Tripe, constable of Mamhead [Signed]
Bartholomew Steer (Steere), constable of Tawton, South [Signed]
William Steer (Steere), constable of Huxham [Signed]
Roger Willcocks, constable of Poltimore [Signed]
John Gould, constable of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
John Kemmell of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "K"]
Edward Hore, constable of Christow [Signed]
Griffith Tilly of Christow [Signed]
William Dicker, constable of Holcombe Burnell [Signed]
Terrell Aires (Ares), constable of Pinhoe [Signed]
Thomas Hatherly of Pinhoe [Marked "H"]
Thomas Osburn (Osborn), constable of Alphington [Signed]
Benedict Spiller of Alphington [Signed]