Oaths sworn at Pilton before William Cleveland and William Harris. Not dated [28 December 1715?].

The names on this membrane are entered only once, either as a signature or by a clerk with mark by the individual swearing. Place of residence and description are generally in the hand of the swearer where signed.

Richard Mervin, barrister at law [Signed]
Hugh Stevens, vicar of Westleigh [Signed]
George Fairchild, rector of Atherington [Signed]
Nathaniel Cox [Signed]
George Horwood, public notary [Signed]
John Sponer, rector of Down, East [Signed]
William Churchward, rector of Goodleigh [Signed]
John Jenkins, gent, attorney at law [Signed]
James Stonwood, rector of Warkleigh [Signed]
Richard Carter, curate of Instow [Signed]
John Blackmore, rector of Parracombe [Signed]
Edward Bampfield, curate of Loxhore [Signed]
William Mervin, rector of Beaworthy [Signed]
James Penrose, schoolmaster of Braunton [Signed]
Richard Harding, rector of Marwood [Signed]
Thomas Carpenter, curate of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Blackmore, curate of Down, West [Signed]
George ?Jeffry/?Jeffries, schoolmaster of Combe Martin [Signed]
John Salter, curate of Tawstock [Signed]
William Bampfield, rector of Arlington [Signed]
John Lavey [Signed]
John Browning, curate of Lynton & Countisbury [Signed]
Robert Carpenter, rector of Stoke Rivers [Signed]
John Kingdon, constable of South Molton Hundred [Signed]
Michael Top:[?Toper], C[onstable] of Molton, North [Marked "T"]
Thomas Slader, constable of High Bray [Signed] [Residence entered as "H: Bray in Sherwill hund[red]"]
Alexander Dallin, constable of Braunton Hundred [Signed]
Anthony Comers, constable of Braunton Hundred [Signed]
Henry Ley, constable of Fremington Hundred [Signed]
John Heale, constable of Hundred of Braunton [Signed]
Richard Dowel of Molton, North [Marked "R"]