Oaths sworn at Crediton, 2 January 1715 before Andrew Quick and John Burrington esqs

Joshua Bowchier, rector of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Signed]
John Wilcox, rector of Morchard Bishop [Signed]
William Rechardson, rector of Poughill & Stockleigh English [Signed]
Nicholas Hickes, rector of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Signed]
Robert Ham of Sandford [Signed]
William Bradford, curate of Stockleigh English [Signed]
Phillip Fish, gent of Sandford [Signed]
William Franke of Poughill [Signed]
Henry Bond, gent of Crediton [Signed]
Ben: Barry, schoolmaster of Crediton [Signed]
William Morrish, schoolmaster [Signed]
Richard Pemberton, gent of Crediton [Signed]
John Cleave, constable of Crediton [Signed]
John Frost, constable of Crediton [Signed]
Andrew Pope, baptist teacher of Crediton [Signed]
John Baeir, rector of Upton Hellions [Signed]
Thomas Marshall, constable of Poughill [Signed]
John jun Davis, schoolmaster of Crediton [Signed]
Francis Vickry, rector of Alverdiscott [Signed]
Timothy Edwards of Shobrooke [Signed]
Roger Snow, constable of Sandford [Signed]
Giles Welsford, constable of Crediton [Signed]
Charles Reeve, constable of Crediton [Signed]
John Lane, constable of Sandford [Signed]
Andrew Hewish, hundred constable of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Signed]
William Pike, constable of Bondleigh [Signed]
John Spicer, gent of Shobrooke [Signed]
John Roch, constable of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Humphry Bawden, constable of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
John Brown, constable of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Abraham Mogridge, hundred constable of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Signed]
John Reed of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Signed]
Robert Cockram, constable of Stockleigh English [Marked]
John Read, constable of Sandford [Signed]
John Smart [Signed]
Thomas Devenish, rector of Down St. Mary [Signed]
Charles Martyn, Gauger [Signed]
Thomas jun Bishop of Rockbeare [Signed]
James Flather, constable of Crediton [Signed]
Samuel Melhuish, constable of Crediton [Signed]
James Ven, constable of Crediton [Signed]
Robert Bolt [Signed]
John Hooker [Signed]
Thomas Shebbeare, rector of Creacombe [Signed]
Robert Hooke, constable of Crediton [Signed]
Thomas Reeve [Signed]
John Doddridge, constable of [Location unclear] [Signed]
[Illegible entry]
James ?Orchard, C[onstable] of Colebrooke [Unclear if signed or marked]
Robert Shute, constable of Shobrooke [Signed]
Edward Browne, constable of Shobrooke [Signed]
Thomas Elworthy, constable of Shobrooke [Signed]
William Hockley, schoolmaster of Sandford [Signed]
Robert Bradford, constable of [Location unclear] [Signed]
Thomas Hele, constable of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Signed]
William Helman, constable of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Marked]
Joshua Yeatherd [Signed]
Nathaniel Mills, schoolmaster of Crediton [Signed]
William Ley of Crediton [Signed]
Thomas Harvey of Crediton [Signed]
Thomas Phillips, schoolmaster of Crediton [Signed]
Abraham Payne, rector of Wembworthy [Signed]
Amos Cragg, hundred constable of Crediton [Signed]
John Comyns, hundred constable of Crediton [Signed]
John ?Besbley, rector of Chawleigh [Signed]
Benjamin Pearse, Rector of Lapford and Rector of Nimet Rowland of Lapford [Signed]
Daniel Nogle, curate of Eggesford & Cheldon [Signed]
Simon Manly, schoolmaster of Shobrooke [Signed]
John Chanter, constable of Upton Hellions [Signed]
Samuel ?Tres [Marked]
James Webber, petty constable of Morchard Bishop [Signed]
William Shobrooke, petty constable of Morchard Bishop [Signed]
Joseph Harris, petty constable of Crediton [Marked "Jo"]
James Saunders, C[onstable] of Crediton [Marked]