Oaths sworn at Sampford Courtney, 9 January 1715 before William Oxenham, Abraham Davis esqs and William Bickford esq

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

Phillip Woollcombe, rector of Zeal Monachorum [Signed]
Robert Shortrudge, rector of Clannaborough [Signed]
John Rowse, vicar of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Webber, rector of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Francis Vickry, vicar of Winkleigh [Signed]
William Maynard, rector of Thornbury [Signed]
Daniel Warren of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Bradford, rector of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Christopher Michell, rector of Ashwater [Signed]
Gideon Edmonds, rector of Milton Damarel [Signed]
George Baron, rector of Honeychurch [Signed]
Benjamin Flavel of Holsworthy [Signed]
Onesiphorus Sheere of Lovistone (Huish parish) [Signed]
John Vickry, curate of Coldridge [Signed]
John Wilcocks, rector of Exbourne [Signed]
Richard Stone, vicar of Bradworthy [Signed]
Isaac Richard, curate of Holsworthy [Signed]
Edward Michel, rector of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Northcote, curate of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Simon Webber, curate of Dowland [Signed]
William Bickford of Bradford (Dunsland) [Signed]
James Lake of Torrington, Black [Signed]
John Bayly, rector of Pyworthy [Signed]
John Silke, rector of Bradford [Signed]
Arthur Gregory, rector of Putford, West [Signed]
Franics Venn, excise officer of Sheepwash [Signed]
John Pynovil of Yarnscombe [Signed]
John Dunning of Honeychurch [Signed]